Monday News + Iceland Update

BBC – Weak wells not fracking caused US gas leaks into water

A new study suggests that the contamination of drinking water by shale gas is due to faulty wells and not hydraulic fracturing.
Researchers in the US analysed the gas content in 130 water wells in Pennsylvania and Texas.
They were able to trace the methane found in the water to problems with the casing or lining of wells drilled to extract the gas….

Slow Drip Iceland –

Surface Still Lowering in Bárðarbunga

The eruption seems to be concentrated at the middle crater on the fissure at Holuhraun, but the ice at Bárðarbunga crater is still lowering, indicating that some changes are occurring. It is feared that an eruption could start in the volcano, causing ash dispersion and floods. However, all is quiet at the moment according to the Icelandic Met Office.
No changes in the eruption have been observed since midnight. Around 40 quakes have been detected in Bárðarbunga and the dike, and a few tremors near Herðubreið and Herðubreiðartögl.

Seismologists predict another Icelandic volcano is about to blow

” … Because of the connection between the fracture and the volcano, the concern has been that magma will rise beneath the glacier between the fissure and the volcanic crater. “So there is a real possibility of a showdown between the magma and ice,”…”


5 thoughts on “Monday News + Iceland Update

  1. Iceland is a place where a mid-ocean ridge can be seen on land.
    Greenland is colder than Iceland.

    What going on there with two major tectonic plates drifting apart ?
    Mid-Atlantic Ridge: These plates are still moving apart, so the Atlantic is growing at the ridge, at a rate of about 2.5 cm per year in an east-west direction
    So what does this have do with us in North America and South America ?
    All that sea-floors spreading is making North America and South America to move west.

    If it don’t move there continental mountain building take places with Folds and Faults movement.
    Most of the major continental mountain ranges are associated with thrusting and folding.

    • yeah, just saw it. Got it posted. It was 84 miles deep … I don’t know if that counts as being shallow.
      Weird how LA21 didn’t slosh but showed some big thing at 3 a.m.

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