2 cases of Enterovirus D68 in Baton Rouge area

Off Topic, but important –

WAFB – 2 confirmed cases of Enterovirus D68 in Baton Rouge area

BATON ROUGE, LA  – Baton Rouge health officials say two children have been treated at Our Lady of the Lake for Enterovirus D68. Officials add that there have been no deaths reported at this point in the state.

Health officials say 12 states now have respiratory illnesses caused by an uncommon virus – Enterovirus 68.

Physicians say this particular virus is more likely to severely sicken infants and teens, but most of those who are infected feel like they have a common cold.

EV-D68 presents with cold-like symptoms, such as fever, coughing, body aches and a runny nose. It may also cause breathing problems or wheezing. When parents notice high fever, dehydration or trouble breathing they should immediately take their child in to see their primary care provider or to see a provider at an urgent care clinic. (MORE)




10 thoughts on “2 cases of Enterovirus D68 in Baton Rouge area

  1. Virginia Veterinarians reporting a dog cough that is not a bacteria. They are totally in the dark as this is hitting even immunized dogs hard. Lots of dogs at several vets, mostly hits the young dogs, and older ones with poor immune systems. Does that sound familiar? Wonder if dogs get that same virus? Dogs getting very sick, have not heard of deaths from it, but pretty costly to pet owners.

  2. 9 WAFB news
    Doctors caution parents not to panic over rare virus
    Councilman: Ship illness is malaria
    Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts sent out a tweet Wednesday night saying that initial tests on the sick crew members on board a ship from Africa indicate that they are suffering from malaria.
    WBRZ .com news Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    4 WWL TV

  3. I was looking at the Oklahoma earthquake
    M3.3 – 11km SSE of Perry, Oklahoma date 2014-09-19 time 05:08:03 UTC
    That 12:08 CDT time or 5:08 UTC time
    This is how deep it was depth=7.9km (4.9mi)

    That Oklahoma quake should have show up on the sinkhole recorder ?
    On the LA-12 recorder it show movement at 12:04 CDT time or 5:04 UTC time.

    On the Arkansas recorder it show up at 12:10 CDT time or 5:10 UTC time.

    • my only problem is usually with a near or far quake … when they affect Lake FUBAR all of the helis go off. Not here n’ there like we are seeing.
      And what is this ‘fuzz’ effect??
      This week things are very ODD.

      Thanks for all the links! 🙂

      • The sinkhole LA-12 recorder show movement 4 minutes before the Oklahoma quake happen.
        The Arkansas recorder show movement 2 minutes after the Oklahoma quake happen.

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