Pipeline Safety Story Censored

Alabama Censorship over Local Newspaper
By Nicolas Walker

A state court judge in Alabama prevented the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing a story about Alabama Gas Corp.’s utility plan for gas line safety. The information had been released by the Alabama Public Service Commission after an open records request.

. . . . Algasco owns hundreds of miles of pipelines and server around 425,000 customers in central Alabama. The Montgomery Advertiser had printed an article saying that it had requested a copy of the company’s Distribution Integrity Management Plan on Wednesday. In response, Algasco claimed that such a document had been released with no required notification to the company and that it contained safety-related information. Judge Vance temporarily prevented the Advisor from writing about the issue, claiming that there was a reasonable chance that the document not be made public.

In response, the newspaper refused any request made by Algasco to return the document.

According to the newspapers lawyers, judge Vance’s ban represents an unprecedented unconstitutional restraint and that the information is already available publicly. Executive Editor Tom Clifford told reporters that the bulk of the document was already available on Algasco’s website.

In return, the utility company claimed that certain details could not be released as they would endanger public safety (according to them, they show precise locations of critical gas infrastructure). They added that preventing the Advisor from printing those details represented a matter of homeland security and as such, falls under the Alabama law.


Alagasco sues Advertiser to stop use of pipe safety plan

Kala Kachmar, Montgomery Advertiser

Alabama Gas Corporation has taken legal action to attempt to stop the Montgomery Advertiser from publishing or writing about the company’s document that outlines a plan to ensure the safety of gas pipes.

The document, Alagasco’s Distribution Integrity Management Plan (DIMP), was obtained in June through a public records request to the Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC), which oversees the state’s utilities….

….. The Advertiser’s use of the document is part of a national USA Today investigation that examines the dangers of cast iron pipes, which when corroded can cause gas leaks, fires and explosions. According to federal data, Alagasco has about 833 miles of cast iron main gas lines, which is the highest of any gas company in Alabama and ninth highest in the country….


Item sent in –
in S. Louisiana the pipelines
have clear markings like this:


6 thoughts on “Pipeline Safety Story Censored

  1. Read between the lines what are they saying there talking about one person.
    State leaders sick over sickness scare
    When tests showed the sick person had malaria and not Ebola.

    Three people sickened on board a ship Sep 18, 2014.
    West Jeff reports 2 stable, 1 guarded after being on ship from Africa

    You though the sinkhole recorders setting were low before look at them now.
    LA10 EHZ YC 02 : Bayou Corne, LA mid borehole

    • Walter, I had to zoom the image to make sure I was counting all the zeros correctly. An obvious attempt to trick the public by showing normal sized peaks on an increased millivolt/division scale. Do any helecorders close to the Napoleonville salt dome show similar peaks? I’m starting to think this stronger activity is caused by an outside source. Not only the construction vehicles or generators. Could it be that someone is trying to vibrate the walls into collapsing? That would fill OXY3. Have a buddy’s firm truck in additional soil to top-off the salt cavern. The parish officials can make money creating the problem and make money fixing the problem. This is not uncommon. Look at the Middle East termoil. Make money creating a problem and then make money fixing the problem you just created.

      • I have NO idea what is going on!
        Lately, some helis show wildness and others are calm.
        I think of tyhose air gun tests they sometimes do.

    • Walter, the millivolts/division on the surface Helecorder map are 20,000 millivolts/division.  So peaks and troughs on this map are actually twice the size if put on your Midborehole map of 10,000 millivolts/division. That means that peaks and troughs would be 40 times the size if graphed on the normal 500 millivolts/division map, as seen on the bottom borehole graph–20,000 millivolts divided by 500 millivolts=40. Once again, it appears that an outside source is attempting to crumble the salt cavern walls.
      LA10 EHZ YC 01 : Bayou Corne, LA surface

  2. M5.2 – 108km SW of Mapastepec, Mexico date 2014-09-20 time 03:03:53 UTC
    How deep in ground was it depth=46.0km (28.6mi)

    This Mapastepec, Mexico quake happen at 22:03 pm CDT time Date Sept. 19, 2014 or 3:03 am UTC time date Sept. 20, 2014
    It should take about 5 or 6 min. at the most to get to the sinkhole recorder.
    That about 22:08 pm CDT time or UTC time at 3:08 am.

    There was a small quake just for the sinkhole at 22:36 pm CDT time or UTC time at 3:36 am.

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