Crazy Saturday


No idea what’s going on.






2.5 quake Sweetwater, Tennessee


Sunday Lake FUBAR was still acting up.

Monday something dinged at LA21 at 7:34 a.m.


21 thoughts on “Crazy Saturday

    • not that we can view …. might be some secret one 😉
      That lower corner near LA21 is near there.
      I will add the map to the post….

  1. Dutchsinse has a good video on the global earthquake unrest scene recently. He discusses coming activity due to the increased, large earthquake action west of the Pacific Ocean.
    9/20/2014 — Global Earthquake Update — Unrest s…:

    Radchick has a new video out on the Wigner Effect. Ever wonder why planes and helicopters are falling out of the sky in larger numbers than a decade ago. Could brittle metal caused by exposure to the ever increasing radiation in the atmosphere be the reason?

    • I see Temporary, AR has also crazy helicorder activity.
      Maybe the whole region is getting whacked by the frack quakes in OK. Those quakes are twice as big as they used to be.

  2. If you zoom the Helecorder maps, you can see another small high frequency wave riding on the normal big wave. This is especially obvious in the recent LA10 Helecorder graphs. This extra high frequency signal is not present on older graphs and some of the current graphs. As you know LA10 is the OXY3 sinkhole graph. Could this extra, small, high frequency signal ridding on the normal, large signal be used to pulverize the sinkhole walls into collapse?

  3. Did you see this, Louisiana losing 16 miles of solid land a year.

    In just 80 years, some 2,000 square miles of its coastal landscape have turned to open water, wiping places off maps, bringing the Gulf of Mexico to the back door of New Orleans and posing a lethal threat to an energy and shipping corridor vital to the nation’s economy.

    And it’s going to get worse, even quicker.

    100 days until São Paulo runs out of water – Worst drought in state’s history triggers water rationing for 3.6 million people in 29 cities

    • Yes, ikt’s awful. Since I have the RSS feed from ‘Coastal Protection’ on the sidebar I don’t post all the erosion news.
      At the very bottom of the Salt Dome page I have a good article from Nat. Geo “Gone With The Water”
      about this.
      A big culprit is these energy industry canals.
      And for off shore drilling they messed with the protective barrier (mini) islands and sand bars that were so helpful in restoring sand along the coast.

      Insurance industry is rapidly pulling back from coastal residence and business insurance on coasts too.

      The pre-oil Gulf coast is well described by Luficaido Hearn in his old stories. Everything ecology-wise he described is long gone by now.

      • Here we go again methane hydrate ice that burns.
        Let tax the people and animals that release all that hazardous gases into the atmosphere.
        Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars.

        Disastrous Global Warming Hoax
        If humans were responsible, how could the CRU (Climate Research Unit) explain a succession of ice ages over millions of years?

        How about wandering path of magnetic north pole 200 A.D. to 2000 A.D.

      • I think there is a big fissue in the Gulf caused by BP on purpose. And unknown other fissures all releasing methane.
        No idea who/what is behind it all.
        Coal has a big effect that is measured by studying frozen bubbles in deep ice (before industrial age). Coal industry floods media with lots of disinfo too.
        It causes confusion.

        You can find all the old stories here on methane topic by putting “methane” in the search bar. I tried to tag them all properly.

  4. I repost quite a bit of Desdemona Despair. He and I are on the same page about a few things.

    According to enenews, the west coast is being fried by Fuku. We have our problems living in the Gulf states but I got to tell you. I wouldn’t leave here for the gulf coast anytime soon.

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