Tuesday News

The helicorders have been crazy since Saturday. Scroll down for charts and the map of helicorder locations. No let up at all. The helicorder at Temporary, AR is also going off. The cause is a mystery. OK is still getting very large magnitude frack quakes that may affect the whole region.

Nanometrics should be called Micro-Nano-Teeny-Tiny-Metrics! They keep setting the helicorders on finer and finer settings to minimize big dings, dangs and slides in Lake FUBAR.
Memo to Canada: It’s NOT working!

We happen to have SUPER ZOOM!



We can show the big =DING= at LA21 … isolated and not showing anywhere else at 8:18 this morning.

Methane watch – For the first time in thousands of years, warm water is flowing into the Arctic Ocean

11 thoughts on “Tuesday News

  1. Good to see you put up some of the Desdemona Despair information. Have you noticed around the web that some of the not so alternative-alternative type blogs continue on with the (climate change denial industry) mantra? It is a bit surreal at times. Every time there is a winter snow storm we get the wow look at this global warming routine. They don’t seem to have any explanation of just why the frigging ocean keeps rising and it is not due to global cooling.

  2. Regarding whether the ground is warmer under our feet, etc… Last summer I and a few other friends experienced very uncomfortable physical sensations. For myself and another friend-we were driving and we began to notice our vision changing, and feeling like we were going to black out. I became quite shaky so pulled my car over and called a friend, whose husband brought her to drive me home. The same thing pretty much occurred with the driving friend I just mentioned. Another friend was riding his bike when he had that occur. Another person woke in the middle of the night feeling the same way and her husband called an ambulance. All of us also felt extremely hot and iced ourselves down inside and out. According to my friend who was the bike rider and has a Ph.D in microbiology, due to climate change-he referred to it as The Greenhouse Effect-it’s becoming more difficult for our bodies to cool themselves because the air is so super saturated it can’t pull the sweat from our bodies like before so our bodies cannot cool down as they need to. It’s really important now to be drinking iced drinks during the warmer weather to keep ourselves cooled. What all of us experienced was heat exhaustion. This year on a trail I regularly hike and bike on, the Jewelweed plants that line the trail (which I pick and process to treat poison ivy) were HUGE! They normally are maybe 18 inches tall, but this year they got to 4-5 feet tall. All the plants lining the trail are the same way. Something is going on.

  3. Does anyone know if they’ve done a flyover recently? I haven’t seen any posts about it but I’ve been down for a few weeks. A close friend committed suicide and I haven’t been online as I’ve been helping his kids and sister. If someone can let me know where the most recent flyover is I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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