Thurs. News + Big Alaska Quake + Victory for Save Lake Peigneur


Crazy amounts of seismic activity and fluid movement continue at Lake FUBAR. Officials still mum.

Here is LA12 this morning:





The USGS is hiding the big Argentina quake yesterday. Now there is a big 6.2 quake up in Alaska. It is today, but the time in UTC seems all wrong. It is not yet 5 p.m. CST.

Sinkholes Open, Swallow Fortunes in Costly Game of Subterranean Roulette

NOLA Defender Russel Honoré Goes One on One With Al Gore < has video, Bayou Corne mentioned at 7 min. mark


Wed. – Save Lake Peigneur wins its lawsuit  smile2  smile2  smile2

NEW IBERIA – Judge Keith Comeaux of the 16th Judicial District Court based in New Iberia reversed the decision of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (LDNR) to issue a Coastal Use Permit to Jefferson Island Storage & Hub for its proposal to construct and operate two natural gas storage caverns in the Jefferson Island Salt Dome under Lake Peigneur.
The court agreed with the plaintiffs that the LDNR should not have issued the permit without first finding out that the project would not unreasonably endanger public safety and that the location had foundation conditions sufficiently stable to support the use.

About Lake Peigneur

Further, the court ruled that the LDNR decision violated its Constitutional duty as public trustee of the environment under Article IX, section 1 of the Louisiana Constitution because it did not do an environmental impact analysis of the potential impacts of the project. . . .

13 thoughts on “Thurs. News + Big Alaska Quake + Victory for Save Lake Peigneur

  1. Is this part of Yellow Stone ?
    California Supervolcano — Mono Lake / Mammoth Mountain

    The area has natural hot springs which are sometimes used after skiing.
    9/26/2014 — Earthquake Swarm at California Supervolcano — Mono Lake / Mammoth Mountain

    Mono Lake California supervolcano caldera.
    The last eruption that occurred in this area formed a new depression called MonoLake. This area is now known as the Long Valley Caldera
    SURVIVAL INFO: Respirator and Surgical Mask

    1 Day, Magnitude 2.5+ Worldwide earthquake

      • Walter, I noticed the video I provided above is one of the videos in your dutchsinse.tatoott link. I’m having trouble loading the “shoveling lava” vodeo. However, this could be just my problem because of the real news I seak and share with others. TPTB interfere at times, I’ve noticed, with my smartphone’s capabilities when accessing “The Bugle” and other informative sites. Many times I have to reset my smartphone by taking out the battery.

    • more than 700 ….
      and they lie when they say they are all small.
      They started small and are over 3M this morning.
      USGS = big fat liars.

  2. It’s good that there are still a few honest judges. They are the last protection. For the earthquakes, most consider 3 and 4 small even though they certainly don’t feel small and can do damage to your property. 3s and 4s are pretty routine in a lot of places even pre-fracking. Where earthquakes are rare, like the UK and Louisiana then a 3 or 4 is a big deal.

  3. PS: Thanks for the video too. It looks great. One can only wonder how the world might have been different if the Gore campaign hadn’t been run to lose. Never mind Bush’s cheating, if the Gore campaign had been better run, including more canvassing, he would have won. Also, if he would shake hands like Clinton. Probably lack of rural canvassing to explain what was at stake is why Scotland didn’t get its independence. In areas where there was heavy canvassing door to door, the Yes carried. Now the French govt. (EDF) and UK are trying to use Scotland to export English and maybe French waste to Tennessee and elsewhere. You think Walter needs more rad waste ? They may dump much of it on Scotland too: The EDF documents themselves on Hunterston and Torness give the locations. Responses to the consultation should be sent in writing no later than 3 October 2014 to either “The Registrar Scottish Environment Protection Agency Angus Smith Building Parklands Avenue Eurocentral Holytown North Lanarkshire ML1 4WQ Or

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