Lake FUBAR – Crazy Since Last Saturday

Heli_ANINo let up in seismic activity all week!

NOW – LA12 konked out(!) — after it had been showing some of the bigger activity this week. Scroll down for more charts and see comments for Friday’s activity and more reports from readers.



The OTHER helicorder from Iris shows lots of activity at LA12 today.  From noon until 11 p.m. Friday it showed a ton of activity too.

LA17 badly affected too.

Water scarcity concerns grow from use of fracking


9 thoughts on “Lake FUBAR – Crazy Since Last Saturday

    • 12 is out of service …
      posted already.
      As the seismos go up the heli settings go down ….
      I feel they took LA12 off line so they could ‘adjust’ it to micro setting.

  1. LA18 & LA12 went down at exactly the same time this morning. Both Helecorders are near one another. I was thinking that they were shut down to mask some strong activity, but LA10 shows no activity.

    • Before things hit the fan there, those people that read the Helicorder recorders they will tell you when it’s time to leave there.

      But the land still above water could look somewhat different after you come back to it.

      • I think a lot of drinking water may be affected if it gets much worse!
        Texas Brine thinks because most people moved out they can do what they want!

  2. Sept 29th, still active on the heliocorders. Wonder if the quake in Peru, the shallow 4.9 that killed several people in Cuzco also ‘touched up’ Bayou Corne. That whole mountain range in South America is connected to the Caribbean area. Or the ongoing quakes and eruption in Iceland, Bardabunga/fissure, is also a candidate..or both. We, the world, are overdue for a 6.0 per some experts..sad to say.

  3. I emailed this link to you last night. Mary says that it appears that the Yellowstone Helecorders seem to be influenced by HAARP. The Yellowstone Helecorders look like the LA sinkhole Helecorders.
    U.S. and Russia In A HAARP War? Earthquakequake R…:

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