What do YOU think?


Fluid movement after 9 a.m. this morning. LA12 shows it.

Attorney, Stuart Smith – Progress for the people of Louisiana

One of the major themes I’ve been writing about frequently in the last year is the rising environmental movement in Louisiana. To be clear, my home state already boasted some fierce fighters for environmental justice, like Marylee Orr and her Louisiana Environmental Action Network, or the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, doing battle with dirty chemical plants. But the shock of recent events such as the BP oil spill and the Bayou Corne sinkhole has caused a lot more people to wake up, and they’ve rallied behind movements like Gen. Russel Honore’s “Green Army.” . . .

Texas Brine put out  a fact sheet about how they plug wells.



14 thoughts on “What do YOU think?

  1. Andy, its been a long time, months even..too long. FC and many of us complain..its like blowing in the wind…..zero happens in response. Ignore is the new way government agencies FIX problems.

    • Last was Sept 11, next last was August 25th in response to complaints of gas odors..But dont worry..Sept 11 its under control as
      “Conservation and Assumption Parish Incident Command will continue to monitor the situation and advise the public of any developing concerns.” ??!!!
      One has to wonder HOW the public is informed…if on the internet that will not work..the ‘notifiers” really need to consider sirens..phone calls..radio announcements..as it might not just be the area of Bayou Corne. I have not seen a disaster management plan from anyone to address public notification in a TIMELY manner..like minutes..Or evacuation plans if major highways are affected, like Hwy 70……

    • I feel now that most home owners have been paid off there will now be just a trickle of information.
      That is why, lately, I do 2 and 3 days’ news combined on one post.
      All we can do is stare at helicorders and guess what is going on!

      I am expecting a document dump as soon as some of these class action lawsuits progress.

    • well,…. no.
      I was doing lessons today and am not up to speed.
      I will add that to the Yellowstone blog as I
      put evvvv-erything in there.

    • in the past few days there have been a lot of ‘white outs’ on misc. monitors.
      It is like they think no one is watching!!!
      F. U. Nanometrics cheap-o-metrics-goof-offs!!!!

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