Texas Earthquake near Louisiana border Friday

3.1 quake Center, Texas (report has map)

LA12 went wild after 4:45 a.m.  


6 thoughts on “Texas Earthquake near Louisiana border Friday

  1. There something that went deep six in sinkhole about 5:27am to 5:48am CDT time.
    LA10 EHZ YC 01 : Bayou Corne, LA surface and LA10 EHZ YC 02 : Bayou Corne, LA mid borehole show it.
    I did not see anything on LA10 HHZ YC 03 : Bayou Corne, LA bottom borehole recorder or LA-11 , LA-15 , LA-19, or LA-21
    But on LA-12 and LA-18 and LA17 HHZ YC 02 : Bayou Corne Well 3, 185m, LA recorders I did.
    It look like fluid movement coming to services
    What do you think ?

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