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Helicorders at LA12 and LA17-02 both went wild starting after 2:30 p.m. and continue that way all afternoon. Others calm.

This screenshot from ANF was sent in. It shows a big Gulf of Mexico quake near the south side of the Gulf. USGS didn’t list it.


Gulf event map


A big 6.2 quake in Mexico at 9:40 p.m. CST … see if helicorders notice this while they do the jitterbug. The USGS calls the location “Gulf of California”. So it is not on the Gulf side of Mexico.  There are continuing aftershocks there. USGS live list.


USGS – Groundwater-Level Declines Continue to Cause Land Elevation Loss in Houston – Galveston Region

Historical groundwater withdrawals have caused the loss of land-surface elevation, or subsidence, in the Houston-Galveston region. Loss of surface elevation is a concern as it may increase the potential for more intense flooding in the study area according to the latest annual report conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey. “

China had a 6.0 quake on their west side just after midnight CST. MAP


A 2.5 quake at Sidney, Arkansas at 8:09 a.m. CST. MAP


11 thoughts on “News Bits

  1. I was ask by some people with all this high-intensity radiation hitting the earth after billion of years radiation hitting the earth the radiation would build up here on earth tell no life could live on earth.

    Just where is all this radiation going to ?

    Some of those CME from the sun hitting Earth take off radiation from the earth sending it out into space.
    So the radiation levels drop here on earth.

    Even the seas we have here on earth have a way of taking radiation out and pulling it deep in the earth.
    Even the land take out radiation pulling it deep into the earth.
    gravity pulls water toward the center of the Earth.

  2. Do not understand why you insist power plant companies do not make electricity. For sure there are scary bomb making facilities that are top secret and we probably could not get remotely close to before being shot dead.

    I worked at a power plant and can assure you that is exactly what we did. Just where do you think that magical spark comes from when you turn the light switch or your computer on?

    • just agreeing with Dana…. has to do with where plutonium comes from.
      OK here to be pro or con nukes or anything else.
      Just my view.

      • Can’t that “magical spark” come from solar or hydro or some other form of power plant besides nuclear? Especially if a serious program of conservation were implemented? Like WWII when everyone worked together?

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