Big 7.1 quake off Chile Thursday Night

On the Pacific side.

DETAILS … at 9:30 p.m. Thursday night CST

The WatchersVery strong and shallow M7.1 earthquake strikes southern East Pacific Rise < has a map

It may show at Lake FUBAR. There is lots of seismic activity in Central America and the Caribbean today. USGS list.

Message from a reader just sent in:

“Interesting about the Cushing quake. Cushing is THE hub of oil pipelines in US.” … that reminds us of this earlier post showing all the pipelines offshore from  Texas.

More – The Cushing Tank Farm


14 thoughts on “Big 7.1 quake off Chile Thursday Night

  1. Oklahoma rocked and rolled this morning. I think this may be one of their biggest shakers.

    M 4.3 – 2km SSW of Cushing, Oklahoma

    PAGER – GREENShakeMap – VDYFI? – VI
    Time2014-10-10 08:51:21 UTC-05:00Location35.964°N 96.773°WDepth4.3km

    • ooooo …. yes, that’s a good link! Following BP as this blog has all that info on the idea BP made a seafloor fissure causing methane problems….

  2. Photo of sinkhole
    There saying this was Taken on September 17, 2014
    This photo is in 1 album
    Monitoring Flight 9-17-2014115 photos
    Bayou Corne Sinkhole

      • I don’t know what the true date is, but they got 9/17/2014 for their true flyover.
        I just don’t know when LEAN had that flyover.
        I have not seen that flyover ? I am looking.

        Monitoring Flight 9-17-2014
        Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper(a project of LEAN)
        115 Photos

      • LMRK – Lower Mississippi RIVERKEEPER Bayou Corne Sinkhole
        I says Taken on September 17, 2014
        Look at all the died trees in photo and the new and old roads in photo.
        In photo you can see where LA-11 and LA-14 and LA-10 and LA-21 and LA-19 recorders are at in photo.
        Click on photo to make it bigger.
        Bayou Corne Sinkhole

  3. Evacuate the berm roads men! Looks like what is left inside and outside is soon to be swallowed up. Wonder if we will ever know how many lives or dozers were lost attempting to pile kitty litter into this toxic mix? What an incredible waste, but suppose it bought time for some dirty buggers….

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