Mon. & Tues. News

The Advocate Order temporarily blocks burned material from Ebola patient from Louisiana landfill [ in Lake Charles. 170 miles west of Bayou Corne ]

“A Louisiana judge on Monday blocked a Texas company from sending incinerated material from an Ebola victim’s Dallas apartment to Louisiana even though health officials say the burned medical waste poses no risk and a Lake Charles disposal company that was to bury it in a landfill there decided not to.

State Judge Robert Downing, who is sitting in for state District Judge Kay Bates at the 19th Judicial District Court, on Monday signed the temporary restraining order, which in part asks for more information about the safety of the waste.”

Wonder where they will take it.

Sent in: Shreveport, Louisiana LOUD BOOM POSSIBLE Meteor Event


9 thoughts on “Mon. & Tues. News

  1. Yea, I’ve heard about about tropical storm Gonzalo heading your way Flyingcuttlefish.   Looks the storm will be upgraded to a hurricane.
    Intellicast – Caribbean Satellite in United States

    October 13, 2014; 11:19 AM ET
    Gonzalo is strengthening as it moves through the Leewards and approaches the Virgin Islands. The tropical cyclone is expected to become a hurricane later today or tonight.

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