Shakey Wednesday


Fluid movement at Lake FUBAR before 7 a.m. 
… it will be a big headline here when there isn’t  a lot of seismic activity down in that hole!



9 thoughts on “Shakey Wednesday

    • Public Briefing 10/15/14 part 1 to 7
      West of the sinkhole the ground is sinking ½ to ¾ a year why ?
      Some places are sinking at 1” a year.
      Is the land sliding to the sea and how many inches movement to the sea per year is going on ?
      And why is it at this public briefing they keep turning the mike down where you can’t hear anything whenever their saying anything of importunes ?

      • At the beginning of this blog I looked up a lot of these height measurments around Assumption Parish.
        It is swampy and the land seems to heave and sink on its own.
        Those maps are somewhere in DNR or agency site. Use the search box here and you might find it. Try search term “elevation”.

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