Oct. 15 Public Briefing (Video)

The APPJ put up the videos of the Public Briefing held this week.


13 thoughts on “Oct. 15 Public Briefing (Video)

    • Every time they got into something good they turn the mike off in that briefing.

      Public Briefing 10/15/14 part 1 to 7
      West of the sinkhole the ground is sinking ½ to ¾ a year why ?
      Some places are sinking at 1” a year.
      Is the land sliding to the sea and how many inches movement to the sea per year is going on ?

    • I don’t think so. If I had an item in the past mentioning her I would have put it in a search tag. I think she takes a lot of oil and gas money.
      Robert Mann, the NOLA columnist may have something on her latest views.

      • She is head of energy in the US Senate and on the appropriations committee. Shaw is in Louisiana and she has taken lots of money from them and from Entergy. She must be a major player behind Vogtle and MOX. I think that she IS THE player and that her father Moon is the power behind the thrown IMO. Her father was NOLA mayor when there were all of the big construction projects and was at HUD too. At the very least he knows how to bring home the pork and taught his son Mitch too. I’m not the first to wonder, however, if he wasn’t close to Marcello. There were accusations 40 plus years ago. Moon’s law firm was tied into a company that made slot machines or something. I think it’s TCC. It’s common sense that Marcello must have had part of the Superdome and other construction pie, though if there were any direct contacts or knowledge of the connection is another thing. And, as most places Italians did or do construction. I think he was behind Piazza D’Italia (father and son) and the Landrieu family claim an Italian ancestor – some say an early mafiosi. This is one time to vote anything but Dem for world safety.
        Anyone else won’t have so much power. There was a wealthy family who funded some other candidates who later were taken down for fraud (e.g. money found in freezer) who loved Moon….which retrospectively makes me wonder. I think they had construction or architect on one side and inherited wealth on the other. Trouble is you don’t know if the bad ones don’t accuse the good ones of fraud, like they did with Aristide. I guess I’m kind of slow – it’s taken me decades to start wondering about certain things…

      • Thanks. I think my long-winded post got lost. If you have any dirt on Landrieu besides what I put, now’s the time. Last Dem standing is more dangerous than a Republican due to Senate seniority and father and bro.

  1. I always had trouble getting all of the scandals straight. Eddie Edwards was good at bringing home the bacon and had at least indirect ties to Marcello, via Charles Roemer, it appears. Crazy that he sounds like a voice of sanity compared to the rest. And, yet, according to the smoke school blog his law firm worked for Rollins and he allegedly tried to protect Rollins while they were reportedly burning unfiltered general haz and rad waste in North Baton Rouge. As Ch. Roemer had a portable haz mat incinerator co. at one point, it kind of makes sense. Somehow I’ve developed a weird Marcello obsession – he’s dead after all. Roemer was supposedly fall guy.
    Did you ever get Ritz on the Bayou? I wish I could find my copy. A great and funny novel.

    • no (to the book) … but I did enjoy reading Contract on America. Other mob book I liked was “The Last Mafioso” about the building of Las Vegas in the desert.
      I think Gary Sick said N.O. is the big port for bringing in drugs, CIA smuggling, guns for Bay of Pigs and all manor of hi-jinx. They (CIA) use KBR rigs for import depots.

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