3:55 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

TUESDAY update

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Bayou Corne/Grand Bayou Response Activity

Tuesday, October 21 work-

Sinkhole Activity Code 1 – indicating work is allowed on sinkhole and within containment berms. Seismic monitoring indicates no elevated levels of subsurface activity near sinkhole/Oxy 3/Oxy 2.  


– Continuing pumping on ORWs 48 (north of containment berm), 54 (north of La 70, near west of Texas Brine facility entrance) and 57 (southeast of Oxy 9 well pad)

– Conducting bottom-hole pressure and depth-to-water measurements on ORWs to verify transducer readings

– Conducting pressure readings and monitoring of passive vent wells and bubble site caps

Containment/ Roads/ Sinkhole/Survey

– Conducting daily berm inspections

– Extending well pads for installation of aquifer monitoring wells MRAA 06D (east of Oxy 2 well pad) and 09D (southeast of Oxy 9 well pad)

– Conducting sampling of industrial water wells and sinkhole inflow

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42 thoughts on “3:55 p.m. Update from the Office of Conservation

    • and there was no mention of these instant-quakes (like instant mashed potatoes!) at Lake FUBAR at that meeting. I tried watching all the meeting vids but the audio was so bad. And even if it wasn’t I am sure they skipped the seismic activity topic.
      Cheered up by the thought these event managers are sleeping nearby in purchased homes.

  1. For those trying to figure out who becomes what after election shakeup. Mary Landrieu historically took money from Entergy-Shaw and more recently from Dominion (also nuclear). Grace thinks that Maria Cantwell will get Chair of Energy for the Senate. But, it seems that Vitter (also Entergy funded) would get environment. http://blogs.theadvocate.com/gracenotes/whos-in-charge-here/ One of Landrieu’s Republican opponents took a hefty amount from Entergy, but wouldn’t have much power as a Jr. Senator. Endangered so-called Democrat Pryor took a HUGE amount from Entergy, as did one of the Miss. Republicans. Last endangered so-called Arkansas Dem. Blanche Lincoln took a lot from Entergy and after being booted out now works for a nuclear think-tank! Isn’t Arkansas 1 nuclear pretty bad? I guess you saw how they found the Pilgrim Grandmothers guilty at Entergy of trespassing and fined them and I guess they are on probation? Nuclear is scared of old ladies. The nun is still in jail with her two friends for the Y-12 trespass. Speaking of grandmothers – elderly ladies who worked to put Blanche in BEGGED her to vote against the Iraq war because they didn’t want their grandsons sent and she voted for! Word of the day?Nuclearcrats, with Exelon-Obama as Nuclearcrat in Chief. Opensecrets.org has lots of good stuff.
    Who runs the US? Nuclear Dem-Cons? Nukiller Dem-Cons?

  2. He may have taken from both. Exelon is bigger. Exelon is Chicago. It was that Exelon was north and Entergy south but somehow Entergy got up north! I am wondering how NOLA Entergy ended up with a nuclear office in Mississippi? Katrina? I don’t know if I’ve seen how far the MOX is finished but the domed French reactors bring to mind the Superdome, as does the pork barrel aspect. Landrieu ties to construction of both are intriguing. Shaw who constructed MOX gave campaign monies to Mary Landrieu. Moon Landrieu did the Superdome and other megaprojects. Marcello was around still. Italians were the main construction companies at the time, maybe still are. Sounds like Mitch has plenty of building going on now. The Landrieus claim to be part Italian. Some allege they are kin to an earlier NOLA godfather. I think Moon built the Ricardo Bofill Piazza d’Italia and that Mitch is rehabing it. That was like a very mini version of the MOX facility, in that it was useless and out of place. Yakuza mafia have close ties to the Japanese nuclear industry. I think that it is Vogtle which is a mix of Japan and Shaw? Shaw has been bought by CBI (Chicago Bridge and Iron). Really doesn’t matter if they are mafia for they are mafia-like. Mafia just brings to mind nice black hats and Al Pacino so more fun. The real mafia weren’t elegant. Doesn’t MOX make more plutonium? Too much crap going on at once. Areva will have the poor French activist in court on the 19th Nov. The 24th is consults about whether they will dump old nuclear subs on Scotland or where. Around the 23rd is whether subsidies for nukes should be in US climate bill; around the same time are low level waste comments for the NRC. Then there are the US elections – I guess Louisiana on Nov. 4th. Ebola incubation is 21 days in 95% of the cases but 42 days in 98% of cases. 2% is longer. Can be contagious for up to around 6 months afterward, especially sexually contagious. A quarter or a third of west Africans found to be immune with no symptoms, suggesting silent carriers. Dogs are silent carriers. 2% of French dogs have antibodies. Busy month to come!

    • oh , speaking of superdome ….
      they didn’t have a ‘power outage’ during that Superbowl. Their mob bets were about to be lost and they interrupted the game to let Chargers get a breather.
      I thought that was screrwy and it was.

  3. Thanks. Any ideas if the Nevada Wild Horse round-up is due to mining, oil and gas, airforce-NATO war games or really about cows? How can the horses cope with war games? Do you think maybe they round them up and then put them back most of the time and use it to promote adoptions? War games can’t be too good for cows, either and the airbase seems to be on the Wild Horse Sanctuary. Volcano threatening in Japan near Sendai nuclear reactors and tiny 3.5 quake in Fukushima prefecture. The last was on the Japanese site but not on the USGS.

  4. Green has been the new red for over 20 years. I wouldn’t classify animal rights activists as environmentalists, however. I don’t understand how people eat horses either. We have a few posts on it mostly because the Wild Horse Sanctuary is endangered from uranium mining.
    So a few ARE adopted. Also, some burros are adopted. I’m not one of those people who is all gooey crazy about horses either, but consider that they should be treated with respect. Actually lots of horse ties (no pun intended) in my family background. from saddle makers to racetrack owners to racetrack gamblers to horse breeders to riders to “horse people” in primitive times. I should have a horse fetish, but instead just huge respect. To me eating a horse is some cross between eating your car and eating a person.
    Speaking of nutty things that French people eat: cow brains! Ever seen a whole tray of cow brains together? Maybe French bureaucrats have mad cow disease? The French called it tractor disease because they didn’t report the cases but quickly buried them. The Alaska Senator Murmowski or whatever her name is, seems even more radioactive than Mary Landrieu. Is she the one who gets in as Senate Energy Chair if the Senate goes Republican? You and Mittens may find part of this of interest, as far as the funding goes. There is info on Fred Upton, which I put due to Mittens. I FINALLY understand why and how bills get killed in committee. The Alaska Senator looks maybe creepier than Mary Landrieu. Her father was a banker who died and she took his place. What’s a banker doing in Alaska? http://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/russia-the-usa-and-canada-unite-against-nuclear-safety-proposal/
    There is another treaty which if Japan signs will make US taxpayers responsible for nuclear accidents in Japan and a few more countries and vice versa. It removes liability of equipment makers and the only liability is to the operator and the state. But, amount paid depends on numbers of reactors so if Japan signs the US will pay more because they have more reactors. Of course, that will become part of the US Debt. Then I guess China or Japan or France or whoever has it pulls the foreclosure strings.

    • What in that hot dog or lunch meat ? like a bologna sandwiches.
      Chicago fried-brain sandwich.
      One of the favorite dishes back-in the 1800’s and 1900’s in Chicago was fried-brain.

      Is there a potential risk of products containing cow brain or spinal tissue
      scrape flesh from the backbone of cattle under 30 months of age. A meat paste results that isn’t supposed to contain bits of spinal cord. But sometimes it does. It is used in a variety of products, from taco filling to pizza toppings, hot dogs and some types of sausage and beef jerky.

      • Thanks! Chicago Fried Brain Sandwiches? Who knew! I suspect that CJD (mad cow) is actually from radiation, but it is believed to be contagious and 100% fatal and with an incubation of up to 40 years or more, it will be a long time until we know. Cats and dogs can get it so it shouldn’t be in their food. The UK had mad cats, dogs, and rats! Some people seem to be genetically resistant or it takes them longer to get it.

      • In the US they don’t test for mad cow because they still allow the dairy people to use dead dairy cows (killed after 4-5 years of milking life) as ‘food’ for milk cows. They call it protein pellets.
        Cows are herbivores.
        This practices is illegal in all other countries.

  5. I thought they were supposed to have illegalised feeding cows that! I think that Walter must have nailed it with that Fogbank. They must be mailing that and pretending that it is HEU. Maybe it’s used in French nuclear weapons too. Or, the US has weapons in France. Crazy things. Or, maybe it is used HEU and then processed and sent back as new.

    • a lot of discussion about the Earth, the contado (territory used by big shots to fund their high life in the city) and exploitation in the L of R.
      A lot written on it but I haven’t read any.
      Big discussion at the time of L of R writing about enviro damage by industry. Recall the coal/coke smelters blackened the sky in England… and huge class division of wealth.

      • Thanks. I just read something about her continuing to call it “my beautiful radium” or something so I could imagine her having the same “my precious” voice, as in the movie even as her fingers fell off!
        I guess I meant to say doesn’t it instead of wasn’t it. Or, maybe the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz?Someone just put pictures of Sellafield at Ecologist.org which we reblogged but more pics on web site.

      • as a kid did you ever play with a broken thermometer? The (very toxic) quick silver rolls around on your hands. She probably played with it the same way!

  6. To: miningawaeeness i think you well like this.

    Los Alamos from Below part 5_Oak Ridge
    Richard Feynman talk about Y-12 at first and the blueprints he was taking about was the blueprints for the building of K-25 in Oak Ridge TN.

    This building was U-shaped K-25 building measured half a mile by 1,000 feet (300 m) – over 2,000,000 square feet (190,000 m2).
    Two half mile long buildings, the building was over four stories high.

    gaseous diffusion required a massive facility to house the thousands of cascades and consumed enormous amounts of electric power. Uranium hexafluoride is highly corrosive, and the recently developed plastic teflon was used to coat the valves and seals that came in contact with the gas.
    The only metal that could hold up to the corrosive of Uranium hexafluoride is nickel.
    Hexafluoride: This acid that really does eat through everything.

  7. Yes it does. No, at least I knew from a young age that it was dangerous, but we also were not aware of vapors or that it needed a proper clean-up vacuum. I knew from childhood not to eat Pacific tuna even because of mercury, but no one mentioned the dangers from nuclear tests! I hope that you played with it in your father’s lab under a vent hood. Looking at what Arnie Gunderson said recently about intellect vs. wisdom, and the Biblical idea about “love of knowledge” being a problem might help explain and serve as a warning to us all. She probably was obsessively driven to understand at whatever cost. I’m worried about Sellafield fuel pools, California fuel pools and Japan’s nuclear volcanos! Makes me think I need a beer! But, that might weaken immunity and set me up for Ebola!
    You need to re-post this on Cuttlefish if you haven’t or reblog: http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_analysis/2611216/leaked_sellafield_photos_reveal_massive_radioactive_release_threat.html
    I can’t believe that Sendai Nuclear Reactors even keep coming up! They are by volcanos! Yochi may be right about the death cult thing.
    I’ve coined a new word or re-coined it, if someone else has said it already:
    Nuclear-kaze or Volcanic-nuclear-kaze. Kaze is wind. Kami means gods or spirits, so I don’t want to use it. But, the situation of Satsumasendai is a bit like those forced into kamikaze missions. They need the money given to the town by the nuclear industry so voted to reopen Sendai NPS 40km-25 miles or less from highly dangerous volcano. So, Quaking-volcanic-nuclear-kaze?
    Any theories as to what drugs Obama is on or if they have simply threatened his family? Or both? He certainly seems in la-la land for someone who had such a good intellect. Maybe fatigue.

      • I need to check if Edwards or Roemer passed the so-called “Right to work law” before during or after that 4 yr lockout. Interesting that even Mississippi and of course Alabama are more unionized than Louisiana now. Thanks for the vid.

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