Caddo Bayou Contaminated by Pipeline Leak + News

Near Shreveport (NW Louisiana) – Crude oil spills into Caddo bayou, kills wildlife

MOORINGSPORT – A major crude oil spill discovered near here Monday that stopped just shy of Caddo Lake has already killed dozens of fish and some reptiles and will keep cleanup crews and regulatory agencies on site likely for months to come.

“I would call it a significant size spill,” Bill Rhotenberry, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s federal on-scene coordinator said of the oil that leaked in a rural Caddo Parish bayou from a Mid-Valley Pipeline. . .


New Orleans Times-Picayune – Oct. 20 – Brain-eating amoeba inquiry yields charges that 2 St. John employees lied about water samples

Volcano News – The Watchers – Evacuations ordered amid fears of Cerro Negro de Mayasquer eruption, Ecuador-Colombia < it could show up on helicorders

New Orleans Times PicayuneSt. Tammany Parish can proceed with fracking lawsuit, judge rules

Yellowston Updated


6 thoughts on “Caddo Bayou Contaminated by Pipeline Leak + News

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    • LA12 has been acting up the most all weekend.
      I don’t know if something is caving in or if they are pumping water or something.

  2. I think you like this.
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    Procession & The Story in Your Eyes – The Moody Blues

    • they get all their ad money from big oil….
      They are the ones who made up names for snow storms to scare the public !

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