Methane Chex Mix

Since we have no big news from Bayou Corne (besides the usual seismic activity at Lake FUBAR) we have these items we found when trying to  hunt down a news bit about Norway and methane emissions (off shore oil byproduct maybe).

Skimming the above stories makes one think maybe Texas Brine isn’t all that honest when they blame methane at Bayou Corne on “swamp gas” and act like they don’t know how to find out about it.

2 thoughts on “Methane Chex Mix

  1. I first started writting to the “Sinkhole Bugle” when they tried to blame the massive stream of bubbles coming from Lake Fubar on decomposition. What a lie! Once liers always liers.

    • I think there are still documents that say that!
      And so many ways to do top science to trace it they don’t use!
      And just that one plane survey from Sandia Labs.

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