Wed. News


LA12 shows new fuzz effect. It seems the helicorders have some problems and the cavern has some problems and it looks like they are doing daytime work on the scene that shows on the helicorders. Never a dull moment all week at Lake FUBAR.
We still have no idea what is causing all this commotion on the monitors. Officials are mum.


[You can get to the helicorders page by clicking the animated banner above – in case you didn’t know it links there.]


4.8 quake in Conway Springs, Kansas (south part of the state)

Earthquake rattles Kansas, surrounding states

BREAKING: Earthquake felt throughout Kansas

4 thoughts on “Wed. News

  1. LA 10 is set to 20,000 microvolts! and still a mess of vibrations. Normal tiny is 500 mv. So…pretty problem! I suspect a second sink hole or collapse. Anyone know of any GPS readings? Anyone driving on roads nearby with GPS..check you elevations!!

    • I have the lat. and long. of Lake FUBAR at the top of the MAPS page.
      Why doesn’t someone throw an old GPS phone in Lake FUBAR to check depth?

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