On Pollution Complaints and Intimidation

This was sent in earlier this week –

These are the same crooks that victimized so many in Lake Charles, Louisiana…

Scrawls on National Security, Technology, Civil Liberties, and Foreign Affairs

The crooked company committing these bank thefts was formed inside the U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Division by their then-Regional Supervisor Paul Rakowski. Beckett Brown International (BBI) committed numerous racketeering and corporate espionage crimes planned, directed and carried out by retired high-level USSS agents. It is my contention that a massive “culture of corruption” at Secret Service began no later than with the formation of this outfit which specialized in stealing trade secrets and proprietary information.

LINK  –  Alt. LINK

Baltimore Lawyer Threw Own Client’s Case to Protect Bank-Robbing Banker from Scrutiny

Further, my source says [ in a letter to The Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General ] . . .

” I have personal knowledge – and literally a ton of evidence – that a ginormous culture of corruption has been going on at the U.S. Secret Service for at least 20 years.  A business plan for Beckett Brown International dated April 8, 1994 was given to me later during that year.  The USSS Regional Supervisor of the Financial Crimes Division was the driving force behind that plan and my investment of large sums of money into that company.  That agent turned out to be a crook and Beckett Brown International turned out to be a criminal enterprise.  Paul Rakowski belongs behind bars and all the racketeering crimes committed under his watch need to be exposed as what experts are calling the biggest corporate espionage scandal of all-time…”

. . . so they cannot pretend they don’t know who the culprits are.

Report crooks page from Homeland “Security”.

On Greenpeace – SpyGate

In 2008, Greenpeace learned from an investigative report published by James Ridgeway in Mother Jones magazine that chemical companies including Dow Chemical, as well as public relations firms including Ketchum and Dezenhall Resources had paid the private security firm Beckett, Brown, International (BBI) to spy on Greenpeace from 1998 to 2000.

MORE: In the Crosshairs of Justice – Corporate “Dirty Tricks Exposed”

It’s almost Unbelievable…. James Bond… Secret Agents…Corporate Spies, and Government Agents are “alive and well” in the Louisiana Heartlands….. spying on their “Worst Enemies list”…. of Law Firms and Environmental Advocate Groups who seek to protect everyday ordinary Americans.

You would think that the motley collection of crooks, thieves, con-men and bozos who masquerade as leaders of Corporate America would eventually learn the number-one lesson of Justice.

It isn’t the crime that gets you….. It’s the cover-up.

. . . . . Facing lawsuits and activist outcry… following this massive chemical spill…. Condea Vista, now called (SASOL North America), called in a Corporate Spy Firm, called Beckett Brown International….

…To spy on the Environmental Advocates, like GreenPeace, and CLEAN, as well as the lead Louisiana law firm, Cox Cox Filo Camel and Wilson, who were representing some of the victims of this horrific spill.

Now…. Over a Decade later…. SASOL North America and their conspirators… their executives, and their dirty Ops Spies, are now in the crosshairs of Louisiana lawyer, Tom Filo, Partner @ Cox Cox Filo Camel & Wilson law firm, because both he and his firm are the victims of a massive illegal corporate spy operation!

7 thoughts on “On Pollution Complaints and Intimidation

  1. For Energy News
    Water can move both vertically and horizontally

    How to redirect ground water from site at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant.
    Horizontal drilling in hillside to redirect surface springs from around the plant site.

    • Walter, even if TEPCO was able to drill into Springs from the mountains to dilute the enormous, highly radioactive reactor basement water, the radiation would not lose it’s killer properties. There would be a greater mass of deadly substance to contain. I’ve heard that TEPCO is releasing low contaminated water from holding tanks. TEPCO appears to no longer have the compacity to store the ever increasing contaminated liquids from the area. The underground river that supplies drinking water to Tokyo has been contaminated with radiation. The outlook is bleek for the residents of Tokyo. The Pacific Ocean is already dieing. We don’t need additional radioactive water to flow into the Pacific Ocean, as tapping spring water would produce. The proof can be seen in the dead, disappearing Pacific Ocean critters that MSM and the lap-dog scientist are trying to unsuccessfully blame on other causes.

      • I have a bunch on Fukushima and links to things about it on the parent site, the Flying Cuttlefish blog (button on the side)….
        Also … that “ice wall” was a ruse. If an ice wall can be used on 9,000 o F meltout coriums then it would work like a charm on a mere 2,000 o F lava flow toward that town in Hawaii.

    • Why did Edgar Cayce say The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea.

      Why most a portion of Japan go into the sea ?

      There is one reading (out of 14,306) that mentions changes in Japan. Here is the quote:
      “As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye …” Edgar Cayce reading 3976-15

    • just did a post (late)… I was offline today.
      I wonder if that sends gas ‘up the creek’ in case of sea bottom fissure.

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