Audio File by Aaron Kaplan on Yellowstone, New Madrid Fault etc.

has idea about where BP oil went … creepy enough to be true!

Nature Runs Amok at Yellowstone

A reader sent this link –

“… his audio file was done on Friday, on the Byte Show. The guest is Aaron Kaplan. The first seven minutes got cut off by mistake. About three minutes into the audio, Aaron starts talking about Yellowstone, then the New Madrid and the Gulf. “

Audio file:

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60 thoughts on “Audio File by Aaron Kaplan on Yellowstone, New Madrid Fault etc.

  1. heilocorders show a blip at about 6:30 AM, and seems to relate to the earthquakes off Oregon as to timeframe. Nothing else close to the same time of the S. American, or Altantic quakes listed. I know caribbean had some quakes as well as Okalhoma, but the suspect is Orgeon. OR a ceiling chunk fell.

    • Forgive me i did not see it at 6:30 am I see one at 2:02 am CST time that 8:02 am UTC time looking at the LA-21 recorder.

      I do see one on LA-11 and LA-14 recorders at 6:20 am CDT time that 12:20 pm UTC time.

      • I did not see it on the X203 HHZ NM 00 : Morristown temporary station it’s on EST time that (Eastern Standard Time).

      • yeah … that’s just the sort of thing that is driving me nuts!
        It shows on some and not others ….

      • Yes, I saw the 2:02 one too.
        Plus, today I did an add on to the Yellowstone page (from a tip sent in) all about Yellowstone communicating all the way to Alaska with quakes and volcanoes affecting it.
        It sort of relates to Bayou Corne.

    • What about the hot springs in Arkansas heated by geothermal heat.
      Is there old magma chambers under Arkansas ?
      What about New Madrid underground old magma chambers ?

      Look at the hot springs in US

      A list of hot springs around the world
      Yes there some hot springs in Arkansas and Georgia and Illinois and Idaho and North Carolina and Texas and Virginia and West Virginia

      • yes, your contributions before about springs and magma made me think this fellow Kaplan’s idea (audio file) had the ring of truth about it.
        What if those chambers are getting filled with leaking oil and sea water?
        What a thought!

      • Not organic in nature oil and gas
        Is there oil and natural gas being forming deep within the earth that not made from the remains of ancient fossilized plants and animals.
        A synthetic oil or gas coming from deep very deep in the earth where carbon is compressed deep in Earth’s mantle.

      • I am thinking of the BP disaster and possible fissure on sea floor … and that oil seeping around …

  2. I’ve always agreed with Walter’s idea that the hot springs must be signs of volcanic life in Arkansas though I read someplace it wasn’t so, but it doesn’t make sense. It must be so. So-called dormant volcanos have grown new magma chambers. I don’t think they really know anything about the earth. The earth is ever-changing and essentially alive. Probably everyone would be safer on house boats. With fracking there will be more and more sudden sinkholes I believe. There is also a so-called dormant volcano in Miss and there is a hot springs there too – not sure how close to the dormant volcano. The volcano is under the Miss Coliseum in Jackson. I think I had sent you a link a year ago. Just reading about the revival of the TREAT reactor from 1959 in Idaho to test fuel. France was going to have Japan Monju test its fuel for Astrid (signed 2010). Not sure if that’s still happening. Monju suffered more problems right after that treaty. Monju is on earthquake faults. These are all the horrid breeder reactors that I am certain Walter knows and 99% sure you know. Looks like it will be TREAT revival instead. TREAT made Monju fuel. LANL is making fuel for TREAT but if they are testing fuel why is LANL making it? You are so right about all of the weird stuff. All of the weird stuff is keeping me to busy is why I don’t check in like I should. Holidays is also the time for govts to sneak stuff through. Hope you and Walter are doing well.

  3. I found this old postcards of Southeast Tennessee.
    I was looking at the old photo of the Flume along the Ocoee river.
    And a old photo of Copperhill, Tennessee

    About that flume in Tennessee … The Little Dam That Could
    Ocoee Flume Line and Dams

    About Copperhill and Duck town. Tennessee
    Back then 50 square miles you couldn’t get a blade of grass to grow there.

    Copper mining section between Ducktown and Copperhill], Tennessee. Fumes from smelting copper for sulfuric acid have destroyed all vegetation and eroded the land  (LOC)
  4. You and Walter may like this:
    “volcanic regions, located between 150 and 200 km from the rupture area, experienced subsidence coincident with the Tohoku earthquake. The volcanic regions subsided by 5–15 cm, forming elliptical depressions with horizontal dimensions of up to 15–20 km.” From: “Volcanic subsidence triggered by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake in Japan“, by Youichiro Takada and Yo Fukushima, Nature Geoscience 6, 637–641 (2013) Also there is some stuff from an old book on earthquakes and link to it here.
    Glad I checked back in the full site as opposed to comments so I can copy Walter’s links. There is a mega volcano like Yellowstone in Germany. There is a monastery on the volcano. They make a lot of metal artwork there ironically – I thought it is nuns because it is Maria something but maybe monks.

  5. I remain convinced that Walter is the son, grandson or great-nephew of Waldo Cohn OR that he chose this as a pseudonym. If I recall correctly Cohn was both bright and honest about the industry and, a Ph.D. in Biochem, he was the first “Health Physicist”. The modern day Health Physicists are so dim witted that I can’t even believe it. I would say that Walter IS Waldo Cohn but I think that Waldo passed away. However, with internet you never know. I was just thinking about that. For all I know you and Walter could be angels. Has anyone thought of that weird thought? Angels on the internet?

      • Hm. Your grandfather was a great author. You can donate xtra proceeds to fighting the nuclear industry. You are right it would make a good TV series too. I don’t see anything but fighting nuclear in my future, unless I give up or need money – which could happen.

      • yes, he was very distinguished man.
        Aside from many positions he held he re-forested the entire state under the CCC. US was denuded of forests by loggers. Very tiny amount of US trees are ‘old growth’.

      • Mich.
        Great Lakes entire area was all logged out. There are nice photos from horse and buggy days of the region showing the trees all looking like redwoods. 4 men circling arms couldn’t touch their fingers around one.
        This country has been paved over.
        Anyway, the CCC work under New Deal was a big success. So was wind breaks tree program on farms to save soil.
        Now thanks to to Monsanto et al the wind breaks are gone and the soil is all blowing away again.
        When activists try and save the 2% of old growth forest left from Kleenex’ ax they get called terrurists.

      • Yes, then they moved down to take the lumber from the Deep South after the Civil War. Some of those trees went to rebuild Europe after either the Franco-Prussian war or WWI. The towns in Mississippi that were the biggest KKK were the lumber towns.

      • I think you will like it.
        It is about middle ages but is very contemporary.
        About Venice (super power) moving gold around, making nation, breaking nations.

      • I started listening and is very entertaining too, but think that maybe Venice is better compared to City of London or Switzerland or Hong Kong though I don’t recall how big their empire was. US as Rome is more convincing thus far. Always a good exercise to compare however. Wallerstein’s mega-work may be of interest where he compares 500 years of rise and fall of center of power.

      • Sorry Walter, I think I have misspelled your name more than once but I finally have it straight in my mind. Since you know so much about Oak Ridge I just got it stuck wrong in my mind. Also, I need new glasses. My name was always misspelled and mispronounced which I used to hate. As a French-English bilingual it is weird that I didn’t catch on to French “coin” or it may be Irish – there are other names which could be either.

      • Yes I know! That’s why I got in my head that he might be grandson to Waldo Cohn who was at Oak Ridge from the beginning. But, Walter probably learned a lot from his uncle plus he works hard at his research. I need to go through and make sure I have all of his links. His being in the Army Corps and uncle explain a lot.

      • Coincoin is French

        French & Indian War Lieut. Col. George Washington a Major Battle for Fort Necessity.

        Roster of Virginia Regiment John Coin in list.
        Names of soldiers serving under George Washington during the Fort Necessity Campaign.
        A Listing of the Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Privates serving with George Washington at the Battle of the Great Meadows at Fort Necessity in the Summer of 1754.

  6. To miningawareness
    I been trying to do research on this company the 535th Engineer Company in WW-2.
    Lineage and Honors Information as of 13 January 2003 about the 535th Engineer Company.

    What little i found out about this company in WW-2 before they became a company.
    You could say it was all about Gen. MacArthur and just where all those Refinery Battalions were training at and just what would they be doing in the Pacific they would be refining oil the Klamono oil fields before all those Refinery Battalions were broke up and re-train and send into combat as companies.

    I was in this company from the first part of 1970 to 1972.
    Group Photo of the 535th Eng Co I am in the last row bottom from left to right, six over right next to Hitler well he look like Hitler in group photo.
    If not big click on it.

      • Thanks. I just found hearings about the Paducah workers in 1999 so am running behind, what with Japan always in trouble too! That upstaged my planned posts, as usual. BTW thanks for reblogging.

      • My uncle on my mother side of family name Otto F. Trout Jr. in German it’s spell Traut.

        Trout, Otto; F JR
        Flight Investigation of a Roll-Stabilized Ramjet Test Vehicle over a Mach Number Range if 2.3 to 2.7
        By Thomas L. Kennedy and Otto F. Trout, Jr. Langley … NACA RM L55H11. NATIONAL … The ram-jet test vehicle was flight-tested at the Langley Pilot-.

        The Tower Shielding Facility’s four towers suspended a reactor core in air for studies of shielding materials.
        In the 1960s, the Laboratory became involved in nuclear power studies for the national space program.
        NASA Langley Research Center about Van Allen radiation belts
        They did research for shielding for space craft in Oak Ridge TN at the Tower Shielding Facility.

      • Wow! Thanks. Oak Ridge was just so at the center of everything, there is so much to learn about it. I will send the links on to the technical advisor who loves all things NASA too. They brought in all of those smart people to the nuclear facilities and exposed them to danger.

    • Thanks for the pictures. That is really interesting. Thus, your interest in all of the engineering related topics. I guess that’s Army Corps of Engineers then? How in the world did those guys keep their mustaches? I thought that wasn’t allowed. I still have to read the other links.

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