Mayhem Contiunues at Lake FUBAR Wed.

After 6:30 a.m. there was a big ding. Maybe something fell in from a collapsing ceiling in the cavern(??). LA10-02 shows it.



26 thoughts on “Mayhem Contiunues at Lake FUBAR Wed.

  1. The time was at 6:51 am CDT time zone on Nov.26, 2014 at LA-10 Bottom recorder
    It show up on all of them there was movement at the sinkhole even LA-21 show it.
    We need to keep a eye on LA-21 that could be the next cavern to cave-in.

    • yeah … I did a link to that in the ‘mayhem’ post. I am gettin’ tired of doing art every time that thing dings!

  2. I was looking at Boone Dan in Tennessee and the seepage under the dam news update.
    Boone Lake water levels hit new low while seepage at dam continues
    November 24th, 2014
    Boone Lake News

    I think this is Helicorder recorder they put in for Boone Dam.
    Name: X203 HHZ NM 00 : Morristown temporary station in the list of Temporary recorders.

  3. That big ding you pointed out this morning for LA-10 at 6:51 am CDT time on Nov.26, 2014.
    I was looking at LA-17 recorder there was one big ding and two smaller ones on recorder.
    It doesn’t look like it came from the sinkhole, do you think the main road there is beginning to give way.

  4. I was looking at that Virginia quake right next to Tennessee on the Nov. 23, 2014 at 00:53 UTC time.
    It not far from TVA Boone Dam.
    TVA Dams in East Tennessee.

    They got Boone NC on quake map.
    M2.4 – Tennessee-Virginia border region
    2014-11-23 00:53:28 UTC time
    How deep was it: depth=8.0km (5.0mi)

    That temporary Helicorder quake station I think they set it up near Boone Dam.
    X203 HHZ NM 00 : Morristown temporary station
    I don’t see any movement on the recorder for that day.

  5. TO: FlyingCuttleFish
    Do you know anything about this ?

    I been hearing people talking about a blunt cigar this days.
    There saying they need to learn how to roll a blunt cigar.

    • dunno ….
      in my neighborhood pot smokers would hollow out a blunt and put weed in it (using carrot peeler).
      That’s all I know about the particular favoritism for fruit flavored blunts.

  6. TO: flyingcuttlefish I found this I think you would like it.
    Coincoin is French

    French & Indian War Lieut. Col. George Washington a Major Battle for Fort Necessity.

    Roster of Virginia Regiment John Coin in list.
    Names of soldiers serving under George Washington during the Fort Necessity Campaign.
    A Listing of the Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Privates serving with George Washington at the Battle of the Great Meadows at Fort Necessity in the Summer of 1754.

  7. TO: miningawareness I think you well like this.
    I was experiment on as a child with Nasal Radium rods in school in first grade in Oak Ridge TN.

    I type in Otto Trout in search at Youtube here what came up, these were some of the first test under water and in a plane.
    Back then they could not put a space suited under water.
    Langley Research Center in a study of seals for airlocks as applied to a space station concept under study at Langley in 1963–1964
    Water Immersion Technique of a Pressure-Suited Subject Under Balanced Gravity Conditions.

    This came out 1966 here is what it led to
    The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

    Click on p 303
    Otto Trout suggested as early as 1963 that zero-gravity activities could be simulated by immersing astronauts in a large tank of water. Years later, Marshall Space Flight Center turned Trout’s abortive idea into a major component of NASA’s astronaut training program. L-66-7850

    A personal history of underwater neutral buoyancy simulation who was first.

    Lieut Otto Frederick Trout his father and my mother father.

    • I know what a peevie is.
      Those Scandinavians who first went to the Great Lakes to be lumberjacks … first thing they built in camp was a sauna! Before the kitchen even.
      Because they didn’t speak English they all got cheated out of wages… like all new arrivals.

      • I had to click on it two time to get it to take.

        LA-10 mid borehole is working and LA-10 bottom borehole is set way to low.

        There been some big hit on the sinkhole recorders
        I can’t say if it coming from the sinkhole or not.
        That in mind I have to say it’s at the sinkhole or the highway there is sinking.
        This is LA-21 number two cavern time 16:37 CDT and at 19:01 CDT and 20:44 CDT time.

      • sometimes it is easier to read recoders from Quake Watch site. It has a button link on the right side.

  8. TO: miningawareness I think you well like this.

    U.S. Army in Germany

    USAREUR Installation Directory
    My home base when I was in Germany was Mannheim at Taylor Barracks and Heidelberg at Tompkins Barracks, Schwetzingen.

    USAREUR – Cities – Mannheim
    “Where there’s muck there’s money,” goes an old folksaying, and nothing could be truer for Seckenheim, whose town symbol is the “honey-wagon,” or manure cart.
    You can find this for HISTORY OF HAMMONDS BARRACKS.
    The town’s mascot and good luck symbol is the spigot (“Puhlzabbe” in Seckenheim dialect) on the back of the honey wagon; it controlled the flow of the liquid dung.
    To one side of the bustling main street, near the bridge over the Neckar, stands a fountain. At first glance it looks like a water barrel, or maybe a winecart, but on closer inspection it reveals itself to be the symbol that the Seckenheimers have chosen for their town: the honey wagon with its “puhlzabbe.”

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