The Good, Bad and Ugly in Louisiana politics, 2014 edition

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Something Like the Truth

By Robert Mann
Let us celebrate our hapless Louisiana politicians. Love ’em or hate ’em, you must admit that our state’s leaders are a wellspring of entertainment, embarrassment, exasperation and, occasionally, inspiration.

If you’re like me, you crave more from them – more industry, greater integrity and a little ingenuity. Sometimes, they surprise us by exceeding our low expectations. Too often, we get what we expect – cowardice and chicanery.

Within Louisiana’s political class, however, there are those who possess true talent. There are men and women gifted in the arts of idiocy, gutlessness, shallowness and overweening ambition — but also in courage and creativity. This year-end column is a tribute (or rebuke) to those “extraordinary” public officials of 2014.

I present here my winners for achievement in 10 categories. (Thanks to many friends and associates who responded to my call for nominations.)

Most Courage: Greg Albrecht, the chief economist for…

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The Ol’ Wash Tub Throws a Fit New Year’s Eve

Heli_ANIDid you ever get a big towel stuck in the washing machine and it went “THUNK, THUNK, THUNK” ?


art is from yesterday at LA12 and it is worse today(!)

The thumping isn’t just from the SW corner of Lake FUBAR. It is on all of the helicorders. LA18 shows it well.


[ scroll down for the post with the helicorder map ]

On Russian Sub in Gulf of Mexico Story + News

This may not be related to the BP spill or Bayou Corne … but maybe it is-

Russian Nuclear Subs lurking on the Gulf Coast? Houston Skywatch captures exclusive video of military plane searching

This could be absolutely explosive information.  I have resided in this area since 1994 and have never witnessed such a very specific aircraft flyover in order to patrol the coast, and possibly even drop ordiance, even for training.  This video was filmed ‘near’ an Air Force Base but it’s not a very active base.  .  . (story has video)

In the news recently there are some items about Russia extending its war games field. It could be a reaction to US/NATO threatening Russia with actions in Poland. So it isn’t startling that Russian vessels are in the Gulf.

. . . . but maybe they are examining the Gulf for methane, oil leak impact or other thing related to Louisiana.


The NRC is pulling a fast one that will affect the Gulf coast states. Nuke plant danger looms and liability can get dumped on taxpayers if this flim-flam goes through. Mining Awareness has the story – Nuclear Reactor Licenses: US NRC can’t figure out to whom they are being transferred- Urgent Comment Deadline  This article has docs from Louisiana Power LLC. And he says it is urgent because the public comment on it is only open til Jan. 2.

You can spread the story around with this small url:

Also of general interest, from Zero Hedge The Rigging Triangle Exposed: The JPMorgan-British Petroleum-Bank Of England Cartel Full Frontal

The price of shrinking the Gulf of Mexico dead zone

Did the Cavern Collapse Last Night?




4 p.m. mid-borehole LA10



Update: Lake FUBAR Plays “The Anvil Chorus” for Christmas Eve

OK quakes get bigger


fluid   Fluid movement at 1 a.m. on Christmas.

Texas Brine put out a fact sheet Dec. 18 that backtracks from their recent musing frackturedfairytale  that there is no more gas coming up. It also claims the salt dome is stable and, presumably,  the cap rock is not fracturing into chunks and falling apart.  They repeat their assurances that are contradicted by the helicorders.



No News is Not Good News at Bayou Corne


We didn’t bother with a weekend news report since we can’t find anything to report.

There hasn’t been an accounting of Crosstex butane since November(!).

Meanwhile the helicordes continue to report non-stop instability at Bayou Corne.  stability

    Note: some updates are in the comments.

Wednesday Update:

Drum solo by Lake FUBAR


The AdvocatePlans on the table for La. 70 emergency bypass around Bayou Corne sinkhole < has map

Some quakes to note-