Thursday News


The tremors from Lake FUBAR continue – LA12 shows it well.

Strange Sounds – Mysterious Giant Sinkhole Opens Up In The Middle Of Desert In Saudi Arabia


FBI accuses company executive of lying about West Virginia chemical spill
Gary Southern lied about role at chemical storage company to protect his wealth from lawsuits, FBI says

The executive charged in a West Virginia chemical spill that left 300,000 people without drinking water lied about his role with the involved company to protect his personal wealth of nearly $8 million from lawsuits, according to an FBI affidavit.

Yellowston Updated


10 thoughts on “Thursday News

  1. Why is it the people are not specking up, about that sinkhole that live there, just what is going on there ?
    I think Cavern 2 is showing signs of caving in.
    LA-21 is the recorder for Cavern 2.

    This is in Nov. 14, 2014
    I think the people in-change they do know something and that why there wanting to put that precaution road in right away.
    State plans precautionary detour near sinkhole

    That’s $10 million just for a detour road ?

    That a lot of money to put into a hole in ground.

    Well that sinkhole turn into a lake if the salt dome gave way.

    It came from this web site.

    • thanks for the links ….
      I bet it is expensive as the ground is so marshy they must have to add a lot of gravel etc.

  2. I have relatives that live within 20 miles from BC. I asked them what they think about it on several occasions. Their response reminds me of battered wife syndrome. They know it’s bad, there is nothing they can do, and it’s a price they pay to live there. Dow and all have been poisoning that area for years, cancer is everywhere, but there is not another place on Earth they would live. They are used desensitized to it all.

    • It is sad all around.
      I just hope they notice wildlife etc. … that should be a warning if gasses excape.
      Canary effect.

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