Lake FUBAR Goes to Pot Friday Night


LA12 shows it start going off around 8 p.m. –





Sunday – it was felt all the way over in Temporary, AR.


12 thoughts on “Lake FUBAR Goes to Pot Friday Night

  1. On a National Geographic special, Drain the Bermuda Triangle, a sinkhole similar to Bayou Corne was shown. Of KEY interest, the connecting tubes to outside water sources..the Blue Holes in the Bahamas, the largest one..shows tidal movement Well so does Bayou Corne. The sinkhole in the Bahamas has large tubes connecting the hole to the sea out side of the island and hole collapse area. Bet Bayou Corne is the same. What say someone DUMP COLORED DYE into the sinkhole and OBSERVE if colored areas show up in the nearby sloughs or bubble areas????. That is a definate “no brainer.”…for the State to try..Bet they get a surprise…like the bubble sites are connected to the sinkhole…..wanta make a bet?

  2. Or the Crosstex cavern..I would think area companys would WANT to be sure and cover their tushes. Otherwise they will be paying Texas Brine’s bills….cause if no proof…….enuf said I think. Crosstex would be very smart to try some dye testing…

  3. Fault lines at Bayou Corne Sinkhole
    The land the salt is all moving to the sea.

    Louisiana underwater landslide
    The Gulf of Mexico is Dying
    Loss of the wetlands in Louisiana from salt.

    • I fear it will snap off like a saltine cracker ….
      people don’t realize the whole coast is an overhang with nothing under it!

  4. someone close to the sinkhole should take a look at this situation. Check out the Helicorder for today, Now, at the Mid-borehole graph. Big spikes, about 3 in a row, within an hour. This is usually a quite, boring graph so when I see this it must mean something.

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