Did the Cavern Collapse Last Night?




4 p.m. mid-borehole LA10



Update: Lake FUBAR Plays “The Anvil Chorus” for Christmas Eve

OK quakes get bigger


fluid   Fluid movement at 1 a.m. on Christmas.

Texas Brine put out a fact sheet Dec. 18 that backtracks from their recent musing frackturedfairytale  that there is no more gas coming up. It also claims the salt dome is stable and, presumably,  the cap rock is not fracturing into chunks and falling apart.  They repeat their assurances that are contradicted by the helicorders.



25 thoughts on “Did the Cavern Collapse Last Night?

  1. It looks like whatever is collapsing is doing so to the SW. LA 12 and 18 have progressively become more disturbed.

    I guess that is something to be thankful for, it is away from the butane.

    • yeah … not the soggy berm but the new-new replacement berm seems to be taking all the banging.
      LA12 looks very bad … did someone throw firecrackers down there??

  2. Merry Christmas. Thanks for putting and leaving the Santa hat on the Cuttlefish blog, it is cheerful. Well, did it? Yeah, I can see someone having the bright idea of throwing firecrackers, just because they can. Same mentality that keeps the nuclear industry going. Just read that Sellafield solution to leaking fuel pools or other extreme events (can’t recall exact quote if there was one) is sandbags and berms, as well as patching cracks.
    Which haven’t worked so well on the sinkhole or anywhere else I can think of. They work some but not totally. Interesting that they admit to the earthquake risk for Sellafield but then blah, blah it away or ignore. There was a mini earthquake nearby Sellafield on Christmas Eve. Probably too small and too far to impact the site. I had a premonition of something and happy it was a little something and not something terrible. We need to keep sainted Santa out until Epiphany-Befana-Orthodox Christmas. One thing which may go on near Sellafield is similar to the sinkhole – collapse of old coal mines.

      • In 1954 as a child and living in Oak Ridge TN and Radioactive I-131 and nuclear Fallout.

        I was in the path of this relies in Oak Ridge TN there was 4.000 curies of Iodine 131 went into the air from X-10 in five hour.
        There was a lot of Nuclear testing in 1954 there was one that was 2 and haft time bigger that it should have been.
        The fallout from nuclear test as well sometime it came down in the rain it had I-131 in it.

        There many of this reports each time they have a new one it was water down.
        I was a Nuclear Guinea Pig.
        Iodine- 1 31 Releases from X-10 Radioactive Lanthanum Processing

        Click to access ProjSumm.pdf

      • In Japan the US doctors just observed how the radiation affected people. Like a bunch of Nazis.
        The Japanese had to figure out for themselves what herbs and foods were helpful.

  3. Louisiana Brown Marsh phenomenon?
    What about salt lost from salt domes ?
    It’s impossible for Napoleonville salt domes to collapse or is it ?

    This page contains the latest information about Texas Brine’s response to the Bayou Corne incident.

    What if the Napoleonville salt dome if cavern 2 did collapse ?
    Would all the other caverns as well collapse ?
    It look like all the caverns have been mine to close to each other it’s mining madness.
    Louisiana Salt Dome Collapse.

  4. Why is the water moving in the sinkhole.
    This videos got a lot on the sinkhole
    You can find a lot about that sinkhole just by watching this videos.

    This were published in 2013
    24 July: Understanding the LA Sinkhole Part 1

    You tube
    24 July LA Sinkhole / Under Ground Rivers Part 2
    Published on Jul 25, 2013
    24 July LA Sinkhole / LA Mud Volcanos Part 3
    Published on Jul 25, 2013

  5. Weekend Note: Big computer troubles here so limited internet access all weekend.
    Sorry to everybody for not tending to comments!

  6. Does anyone know what likely no-good they are up to with this transfer of Waterford Nuclear Reactor and one more? Is it about spinning off liability somehow? Deadline for comment is something like 2nd of January. http://docs.regulations.justia.com/entries/2014-12-03/2014-28422.pdf
    Also, does anyone know about why Waterford was shut a few days ago?

    I was just reading that Entergy tried to spin off liabilities in its northeastern nuclear reactors as “spin-co”. Because of the outrageous name they were caught and stopped.

    Question for Walter re radioiodine – is that the least watered down study or which one is the best?

    Can’t help but wondering if the salt domes could topple like dominos and suck Baton Rouge in?
    With all of the fracking there will be endless sinkholes in the future – if there is a future.

  7. Thanks. Do you know anything about the scam which Entergy seems to be pulling re the nuclear reactors. I just like the idea of dirty politicians getting sucked into a hole, but that doesn’t work because innocent people suffer, but it’s still a fun idea to think about. Very melodramatic. Even if Baton Rouge got sucked up no one would still pay attention outside of Louisiana.

  8. Thanks. This has repercussions outside of Louisiana like probably them getting out from under the nuclear waste or decommissioning by declaring bankruptcy. The US taxpayer will pay. Plus the NRC has the two reactors transferred to the wrong company name! The companies do things that are complicated enough and then the NRC adds screw ups on top. I wonder if Stuart Smith works this week? It must be illegal for the Federal Register to have the transfer wrong. You know it’s a con too because they posted it on Dec. 3 and comment ends Jan. 2. Anyone can comment anonymously.

  9. PS: There are pitiful folk like in North Baton Rouge but Louisiana is surely one of the top places on the apathy scale. As far as I know for several decades now people who want employment can’t stay at home either in the US and elsewhere. The union did put up a stiff fight against BASF. Some people are too poor to go elsewhere and look for jobs, of course. And, drinking all of the radiation and chemicals in river water might contribute to apathy. I think that BASF was one of the backbones of the Third Reich. So, I guess poisoning minorities is right up their alley.

  10. This first comment is in regard to a post by Flyingcuttlefish.

    A Japanese doctor was caring for 70 TB patients in Nagasaki when the 2nd bomb hit. The clinic was 1.6 km from ground zero. These patients survived the radiation poisoning because they were fed daily Miso soup. Test on miso soup produced surprising results. Do your own research. Probably best not to use GMO soy/miso.

    This second point is very close to my heart. Being a cajun from SW LA, I know all too well the way we mis-judge ourselves. But here’s the truth. Have you ever met people from anywhere with more common sense?

    They ought to do a Survivor Show from southern Louisiana, then they would see what it takes to live in the beautiful, but often hostile environment we call Home.
    Many eyes are watching what happens along the gulf coast, and not just because that area powers our country.

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