The Good, Bad and Ugly in Louisiana politics, 2014 edition

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BACKROOMS AND BAYOUS: My Life in Louisiana Politics

By Robert Mann
Let us celebrate our hapless Louisiana politicians. Love ’em or hate ’em, you must admit that our state’s leaders are a wellspring of entertainment, embarrassment, exasperation and, occasionally, inspiration.

If you’re like me, you crave more from them – more industry, greater integrity and a little ingenuity. Sometimes, they surprise us by exceeding our low expectations. Too often, we get what we expect – cowardice and chicanery.

Within Louisiana’s political class, however, there are those who possess true talent. There are men and women gifted in the arts of idiocy, gutlessness, shallowness and overweening ambition — but also in courage and creativity. This year-end column is a tribute (or rebuke) to those “extraordinary” public officials of 2014.

I present here my winners for achievement in 10 categories. (Thanks to many friends and associates who responded to my call for nominations.)

Most Courage: Greg Albrecht, the chief economist for…

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9 thoughts on “The Good, Bad and Ugly in Louisiana politics, 2014 edition

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