The Ol’ Wash Tub Throws a Fit New Year’s Eve

Heli_ANIDid you ever get a big towel stuck in the washing machine and it went “THUNK, THUNK, THUNK” ?


art is from yesterday at LA12 and it is worse today(!)

The thumping isn’t just from the SW corner of Lake FUBAR. It is on all of the helicorders. LA18 shows it well.


[ scroll down for the post with the helicorder map ]


51 thoughts on “The Ol’ Wash Tub Throws a Fit New Year’s Eve

  1. I think cavern 2 is not holding cavern pressure anymore.
    I think a big piece of the salt dome is beginning to break off from the salt dome.
    Keep your eyes on LA-21 recorder that cavern 2.
    LA-21 is turn down so low I don’t see how it can pick up anything.
    LA-21 is near LA-14 , and nearby is LA-10 and LA-11 and LA-19.
    The people that live there, well your on their own now.

    • Yes …. personally I look to the cavern ceiling, cap-rock.
      We can at least say we gave out the warning!
      Due to holiday time … and many who might normally be working there but have time off … is some pump or machine not operating now that is contributing to the crumbling at Lake FUBAR?
      Is something not monitored that would be when it is not holiday time?

    • == sorry for some delay in earlier comments ==
      they got sent to the spam bin when I had tech problem with my computer (almost 3 days) ….

  2. It’s even worse than I thought! They are trying to sneak through this MELLLA plus comments also for 2 Jan. for Grand Gulf and Peach Bottom. Grand Gulf is on the river in Mississippi across from Louisiana and is the largest single reactor in the US. It has Mark III containment which can get hydrogen build up and they try to burn it off as the solution. The MELLLA plus causes reactor system instability. I will post on it shortly. There is a possibility for demanding a hearing for 2 Feb. The other thing is about who pays but this is about causing an accident. I think that Peach Bottom is Mark 1 and is near Baltimore. There is some sort of computer program sold by GE Hitachi for this MELLLA plus uprate. Now with the new liability scheme signed by the Japanese gov (US signed in the 90s) they can’t be sued for selling defective things like fuel and programs.

    • Thank you! I think it slipped through the cracks by being posted in the Thanksgiving to Christmas season. I fell upon them both while looking for why River Bend was shut down and another thing. Only 2 people noticed the environmental approval for Grand Gulf one year ago, which is a shame. They are pulling so many fast ones it is difficult to keep up. No one seems to be watch dogging the southern nukes either. Grand Gulf is on the Mississippi river that lots drink from but it is one of the poorest and most black counties so I guess they don’t mind sacrificing them, though they look hell-bent to kill all of humanity, rich or poor, and of whatever race. The English said that they chose gas cooling rather than water as at Hanford because they knew that the Hanford scientists planned to abandon a 30 mile radius and that England didn’t have 30 miles to abandon. Of course, the English screwed up with that choice! But, it shows the mind-set of the US.

    • Thanks a mill! I sent it around too.
      I hope columnist Robt. Mann looks into it.
      They need to at least extend the deadline for comments!

      Request anyone who is on facebook to send it around – and get it to Real Coastal Warriors (on the blogroll on the sidebar).
      That way more will see it.
      Big problem is many I sent it to may get the msg on Monday due to holiday…. so facebook could be a good option.

    • Thanks! I will rummage in spam bin…. I had internet outage here just now!
      I am trying to call n cal anyone (green peace etc.) but they are all on vacation today….

  3. Actually the big numbers showing are through the dead pelican. However, I am told that a lot of people surf anonymously now. Dead pelican put a direct link to the last post. They are now showing 76 from them. About 5 showing from you directly, one from ENE and one from Nuclear News. Remember to comment yourself. Thanks for all of your work. I assume that you fed to the Dead Pelican or they found it on your blog, so count as yours. If there is an extension then there is more time. I heard there will be a challenge but you can’t be too sure. I should have contacted the Louisiana Voice but feared it was too late already. I am happy that anyone is looking. I feared that only Japan might due to the holidays. Any and all comments are good, just to let them know they are being watched. I love the ones where they curse the NRC. However, if there is too much of that they might stop allowing comments at all. The destruction of that 1935 Public Utilities Law is relevant. I was going to post that from wiki but think it is best to leave everything as is and wait until after the deadline for any updates. Interesting that one of the Entergy lawyers works for a Jackson Miss firm that worked for the Jackson Electric and the Illinois Central in the bad old days BEFORE 1935. I guess we are living in Victorian times as it feels. Most of this stuff for Entergy seems to be from their White Plaines NY office, however.

    • Yes, dead peli was mine … glad someone was there to read it.
      All I got was voicemail trying to call offices …
      I think many read dead peli ….
      I hope they extend the deadline!

  4. There was probably another leak at Honeywell Metropolis. According to Facebook for the union they heard an alarm a few days ago. Also, the Y 12 leaked something recently and won’t tell what!
    I can’t even believe that the nuclear power stations got permission to put an unfiltered vent on the reactors! They are just more and more out of control. If the anti-nukes just had one person working for each 40 to 100 the NRC have we would win.

    • I think the best anti-nuke people got bought off with phoney jobs.
      Green Peace has been ultra passive in recent years. Just dropping banners etc. when their first wave of people were murdered (Rainbow Warrior boar blown up) and others prosecuted for terrurizm….

      • Greenpeace’s work seems to be country by country. Non English speaking country Greenpeace is doing a lot of antinuclear work. It is mostly volunteers and I think the PR spin in the US gets everyone involved in stuff other than anti-nuclear. Also US jails aren’t so nice. In the UK it is some PR spin but I think people are scared too due to the overt murders. Or, maybe they were bought. People were active shortly after the Murrell and MacRae murders. By work I mean PR stunts and studies. Their legal work is keeping their activists out of jail. For instance the Cofrentes 17 in Spain. They are also in court in Switzerland accused of having poked holes in the outer containment during protests! The PR stunts help keep the topic in the limelight. Also show poor security. The US anti-nuclear people seem to focus on lawsuits. Also, many are older and cannot be found online. UK anti-nuclear seem bought off or threatened. I don’t mean organizations. I mean that if everyday people one by one spent time reading the 300 page BS documents produced by 40 to 100 NRC people and watched what was going on, their lies are really shallow. I uncover about 5 cases of scandal per day, though not just NRC – things like Sellafield still legally dumping Pu into Irish Sea.
        Also, France admitting to bribery in Niger. Mostly too tired to post it and backlogged. So much important stuff. For instance, broken fuel rod packed in thin dry cask in Arkansas. No comment allowed by NRC. They are starting up an old experimental reactor from the 1950s. The list is endless but if a few more would look it would all come out. Belgium Greenpeace just did a really good study on the costs of nuclear. There is a summary in French and long version Dutch. I can normally translate French to English at about the speed I type but no time because there is always something else. I sat down to type and there was a Japan earthquake or something. Obama stabbed Am. Indians in back – invited to summit and sneaked through legislation while they were busy. Congress did it but he took more from the mining company than they did and didn’t veto. I wrote a good post on this and then something else happened and it didn’t get finished. On and On! Download your copies of the UK Archive documents. You will love them and they aren’t free but til the end of the month. The woman from India who set up the hosiery shop and now is responsible for the nuclear industry may have gotten a subsidy from the gov. They were giving them out to deal with riots in the mid 1980s. Russia news found something in there about paying pro-nuclear people. Also should be something on Murrell and MacRae though maybe not in the free stuff. I like Greenpeace because they allow use of their info. with credit. And, I’ve got to respect their PR stunts though I’m not sure what it achieves. It’s not clear what anything achieves.

  5. Forgot to add the most important: See how much you achieved by working hard combined with me working hard? That’s what I mean. There are many doing their part, but there need to be a few more! It also needs to be like Walmart and McDo: Holidays are the time to work the hardest! That’s when they sneak things through. There are always holiday repeats on another calendar, country etc. Of course, try telling family members that! But Jesus says something about having to forget friends and family to do what is right. Children, however, cannot be ignored, though they can also help.
    “Children” played an important role in the Civil Rights movement though I wouldn’t call High School students children. But, very small children can do important political work according to their age or watch and learn.

  6. There are a lot of hard workers but there need to be more and maybe fewer hard workers. The NRC has an absolutely HUGE staff. They have I can’t recall how many working on studies. Maybe 40? And, these are studies that one person could do a better job on. Easy to pick them apart but is time consuming. I misspoke re Niger. French gov owned AREVA sued a Frenchman for saying that they bought the president of Niger an airplane. Then, the hysterical part is this! In a discussion of transparency a French parliamentarian complained that they had had to pay so much for an airplane for the President of Niger! I think whatever they paid was only a downpayment. They don’t consider it bribery, but most would. So, I have to correct on that. The parliamentarian was whining and complaining that transparency would put France at a disadvantage for doing business. I’ll check out the link – thanks. Oh, also Beyond Nuclear has such a busy blog it is often hard to find things, even when you know they are there.

      • Thanks. I wonder what part of Switzerland he is from? I couldn’t find anything. Oh, remember Baroness Verma and the hosiery shop? Her grandfather sold knitwear in Leicester well before she and parents moved to UK I just read in a new article (Nov. 14). She may have also gotten a subsidy subsequent to the riots but I bet she just worked for her grandfather. So, grandfather likely the mystery man. She should have written that earlier. Big hypocrite however. Leicester where she lives is about as far from nuclear as you can get in England and she is promoting it for others. Americans from India are also trying to dump nuclear reactors on India. Former India PM who, like Baroness Verma, is from Punjab wanted nuclear anyplace but Punjab. You should download the free UK archive docs. You will find them interesting – especially the Brixton riots.

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