Big Freeze Hits Gulf Coast

Weather Alert – WAFB – Hard Freeze Warning

WAFB Weather report: :  “A Hard Freeze Warning is in effect for almost all of our viewing area through 10 a.m. on Thursday. We’re expecting lows near 20° in Baton Rouge, with teens north and east of the Capital City. A Wind Chill Advisory is also in effect, with wind chills expected to reach the teens and possibly even single digits at times. After a very cold start, temperatures won’t warm much, with highs climbing into the low 40°s under sunny skies. Freezes are likely for Friday and Saturday mornings…”


Find more about Weather in Napoleonville, LA Click for weather forecastCOLDheron1


9 thoughts on “Big Freeze Hits Gulf Coast

  1. 7 Degrees In Knoxville TN this morning we are going to get up to a high of 24 today.
    Had a hot water line under house to freeze.

    I say some places are 4 or 5 degrees in and around Knoxville.

    I got someone E-mail from Minnesota for him to say this it’s Colder than a well digger’s as_ here in Minnesota it has to be cold there.
    He went on to say that Arctic blast goes all the way to the bone it’s got to be cold there.

    • Well I got under the house now I know why call it a crawlspace.
      All the insulation is off the hot water line pipe.
      The peoples cats around here I say they’re the ones that rip off all that insulation from that water pipe.

      Now I got to find how they’re getting in under the house.

      Rodent Blocker
      I need to go ahead and put in some new steel-wool around the pipes where the pipes come into the house at.
      I like to fine some stainless-steel-wool or copper wire mesh over time steel wool rusts.

      • and …. another tip … a car mechanic’s electric light on a chord will heat the pipe ….

  2. Assumption Parish Police Jury

    January 8, 2015
    11:45 a.m. Pierre Part Bay Bridge Post
    Hwy 70 Bay Bridge in Pierre Part will be closed to Marine Traffic until further notice.

    January 7, 2015
    4:10 p.m. Sunshine Bridge and Road Closures
    To determine if the Sunshine bridge will be open due to freezing temperatures call St. James Parish Sheriffs Office @ 225-562-2200 or State Police @ *577.
    To determine if other state highways will be open contact State Police @ *577 or on the web under the road closures tab.

    • and another thring … in a freeze …. a bridge will be colder than the road on ground so it will ice up first and be a hazard.
      In a freeze you slow down before hitting a bridge ….

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