Continuing Collapse at Lake FUBAR + Weekend News


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Quakewatch chart for Sat. shows how big the seismos really are (lines not cut off).


Jan. 6 DNR checklist for wells

Jan. 3 Crosstex butane caverns – 430 + thousand barrels of butane in #1 cavern and 100 + thousand in #2.


The Extinction Protocol – Earthquakes increasing across North America

Alabama nuke plant, Brown’s Ferry has a leak


20 thoughts on “Continuing Collapse at Lake FUBAR + Weekend News

  1. I have posted this info. as well as the Freedomrox 2012 article on the history of BC, the methane release, as well as, the fact that under the gulf floor lies a volcano. At least some people on FB will have the information.

  2. I need help with this caverns
    ORW #2 is shut-in the pressure in cavern is O
    Why is ORW #9 shut-in there no comment about the pressure in cavern and in notes it say CODE 3

    I can’t cope it or paste it.
    There a map that show the salt dome at a 1,000 feet down on map a good layout map of the salt dome.
    If all that salt dome collapse just how big of a collapsed zone would it be ?

    L.A. 70 Bypass Stage Feasibility Final Report S.P. No. H.010571.1 November 5, 2013.

  3. Did you catch this story?
    Gas pipeline explodes at Ross Barnett Reservoir in Mississippi
    The TV station said its weather team could see the smoke on radar and flames were shooting into the air more than an hour after the explosion. The fire burning out of control has also been reported by local Clarion-Ledger newspaper.

    The pipeline belongs to the Gulf South Pipeline…

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