Plan to BURN 15 million lbs. of M6 propellant at Camp Minden

From a reader:
“HELP! We need everybody’s help to stop the planned open burn at Camp Minden.

The EPA has given the all clear to get rid of 15 million pounds of M6 propellant in an open air burn. This open air burn is not safe for our area and we want to stop it from happening.

Here is the facebook page that shows more information about the proposed burn and please take a moment to sign the petition.”
Face Book page with Petition

Face Book group:  Concerned Citizens of the Camp Minden Explosives Open Burn

HASH TAG = #‎NoOpenBurn‬  twitter

No Open Burn Petition


Concern grows over method to dispose of M6 propellant at Camp Minden cry

MINDEN, La. — Members of Louisiana’s congressional delegation are asking the Environmental Protection Agency for assurances that the open burn method for artillery propellant planned at Camp Minden is safe. . .

” . . . M6 is used as an explosive propellant for launching artillery shells.    LiveAmmo

A subsequent Louisiana State Police investigation led to the discovery of the millions of pounds propellant now stored in 98 bunkers scattered at Camp Minden. M6 is used as an explosive propellant for launching artillery shells.

The EPA in August ordered the Army, which sold the M6 to Explo for demilitarization, to get rid of the material, and an agreement was signed last fall with the Louisiana Military Department. . .  “

Louisiana Progress blog –

Open Burn at Camp Minden Could Have Negative Consequences Lasting Generations

” . . . Of chief concern in the proposed open-tray burn are the thermal stability and moderate volatility of these aromatic compounds. Both DNT and DBP have modest boiling points (around 300 °C) and both are quite stable to heat, in contrast to some readily combustible hydrocarbons (like those found in gasoline). This means that rather than being combusted in the flames during an open-tray burn, significant amounts of these materials may simply vaporize and become airborne. Once airborne, these chemicals and their partially-combusted toxic byproducts could endanger both human health and wildlife many miles away, not only in Doyline and Minden, but also in Ruston and even the Shreveport-Bossier and Monroe metropolitan areas. . .  “

Shreveport TimesCitizens unite to fight M6 open burn


Louisiana VoiceTaking a chance on Chance: or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the proposed M6 open burn at Camp Minden

Jan. 19 – Minden Press HeraldLDEQ: EPA endangering M6 contract smile2 with Army on Camp Minden clean up

Via LEAN – EPA Agrees to Support the State in Selecting a “more protective remedy at Camp Minden”

After a long and seemingly unproductive meeting on Tuesday afternoon, yesterday, January 14, 2015, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) Peggy Hatch and Major General Glenn Curtis of the Louisiana National Guard wrote a letter to U.S. EPA Region IV [sic?] Administrator Ron Curry expressing dissatisfaction with EPA’s decision to burn the M-6 propellant and their failure to effectively communicate with the public regarding the issue. Read the full LDEQ letter here.< it might be Region VI – FC

2012 archive page on explosion at Minden

6 thoughts on “Plan to BURN 15 million lbs. of M6 propellant at Camp Minden

    • I dunno – but don’t they incinderate medical waste in a fancy furnace with a complicated scrubber on the stack?

  1. DNT and DBP should not be disposed of in this manner. An open brun must have been their first option I don’t see where much planning or even safety consideration was done prior to deciding this would be the method of disposal. Look at the info provided by the chemical companies. There will be No way to control the toxicty or area affected when these chemicals are openly burned. This is the most unsafe method any idiot could have come up with. There is going to be no attempt to control what happens with these chemicals the release will be immediate and the effect wil, be uncontrolable. Realize that. Once this burn is permitted. It will be too late. We can’t say “oh, I screwed up come back here deadly chemicals.”

    • I understand state reps are getting an earful from people not Ok with this burn plan. Got the news via e-mail and don’t want to quote msg without permission. Hopefully this will be stopped in its tracks.

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