Those Loud Booms and Earth’s Core

This is a good video – Dallas quakes might not be from fracking ….

Nature Runs Amok at Yellowstone


Video description: “Swarms of thousands of earth quakes happening around the world, birds dying in mass…now a reporter is telling of a government whistle-blower that is saying there is something wrong with the Earth’s Core”

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14 thoughts on “Those Loud Booms and Earth’s Core

  1. TO: flyingcuttlefish
    You did get a response to your posting.

    Assumption Parish Police Jury
    January 16, 2015
    11:55 a.m. Seismic Activity Visible Around Sinkhole
    An increase in Seismic Activity has been observed in past weeks around the Sinkhole. Activity occurred sometime last night that indicates water movement as well as a drop in water level within the contained area of the sinkhole. There has been no noticeable changes to the trees or surface anywhere around the Sinkhole.
    LDOTD has reported no changes being observed in any of the instrumentation placed along Highway 70.

  2. About Energy News web site
    I was reading what they had about water seeping under Boone Dam in East TN.
    I was reading the comments they had on how bad nuke plants are and how bad Dams are.

    These are just some of the events that occurred in the Southeast TN area over the years.
    The floods in TN did not stop when TVA build their first dams but TVA did have control over the flooding.
    They had control all the way to the Ohio River in Kentucky.
    TVA System of Multi-Purpose Dams

  3. I’ve also read that Earth’s inner core and surface could be spinning at different velocities, thus causing strange sounds. The friction between the two layers may cause electric pulses.

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