Conn. Gets the Shakes + Weekend News + Blue Ribbons’ Report (from Oct.)

Not related to Louisiana … but …. Holy Cow!!

Connecticut Rocked By 11 Earthquakes In One Week

“Daily earthquakes in Connecticut in the last week have officials scratching their heads and discussing ways the state can prepare for and respond to the next seismic event. In the past seven days, 11 small tremors have been recorded in the Plainfield area. . . “

Many more news stories on it (still happening) if you use search words “Connecticut earthquake”.

WWL – Bayou Corne residents move out after sinkhole settlement

” . . . The Romeros and other plaintiffs in a federal class-action lawsuit against Texas Brine reached a $48.1 million settlement in April. U.S. District Judge Jay C. Zainey ordered all property closings scheduled by Jan. 19 and completed “as soon as practicable.” Plaintiffs’ attorneys and Texas Brine officials said they want them finished by Jan. 30.
Attorneys said they hope to have separate mental anguish claim checks out by January’s end, too.

” . . . Sediment has completely filled the failed cavern that scientists think breached deep underground and started sucking in surrounding sediment, creating the sinkhole.
However, muck and rock will continue to compress, possibly for many years, making room for more sediment, according to an Oct. 9 report from the state’s special commission on the sinkhole. That could lead to further surface instability but probably not at former levels, experts say.
Micro-earthquakes pointing to breaking rock or salt began to pick up Dec. 22 and have continued for weeks, halting work on the sinkhole and causing cracks in an abandoned sinkhole containment levee, parish officials said.”

 NOTE – we gotta find that Oct. 9 report! – FC

It must be this – Blue Ribbon Commission Summary of Current Ground Stability Understanding and Recommendations [PDF] – sorry we missed it when it came out!

From p.3: “It is clear to the BRC [Blue Ribbon panel]  that there are ongoing stability dynamics in the pillars between Oxy caverns 1, 2, 3 and 9, inducing stress changes and salt disturbance that generate micro ‐ earthquakes (MEQs) in that salt volume and pressure changes connected between caverns.

Page 6 has this interesting point –
“MEQ locations suggest that fracturing is occurring around the Oxy 3 cavern and between the Oxy 1, 2, and 3 caverns. The MEQ magnitudes suggest the scale of this fracturing is on the order of feet to 10s of feet in dimension. The normal, or expected, background level of MEQs for mining and storage operations in this cavern field has not been established and therefore the significance of this activity cannot yet be concluded.
Translation: They have no clue what all the shaking means.

SEE ALSO COMMENTS for info on upcoming hearings on this – – –


US EPA proposes amendments to oil dispersant use as health issues in Gulf worsen

ALSO –  Just FYI – this blog is read all over the world –


 – besides missing this Blue Ribbon report when it came out … we missed this 12th Emergency Declaration (Louisiana vs Texas Brine).


10 thoughts on “Conn. Gets the Shakes + Weekend News + Blue Ribbons’ Report (from Oct.)

    • Just what are they saying there ?
      From p.3: “It is clear to the BRC [Blue Ribbon panel] that there are ongoing stability dynamics in the pillars between Oxy caverns 1, 2, 3 and 9, inducing stress changes and salt disturbance that generate micro ‐ earthquakes (MEQs) in that salt volume and pressure changes connected between caverns.“

      What is that word stability dynamics ?

      That cavern pressure in OXY 3 failed in 2010 they think, it could not hold pressure in OXY 3 anymore.
      With those other cavern nearby and with all those micro-quake going on in 2015 are we seeing OXY 2 beginning to collapse ?

      Just what about those caverns (Oxy‐Geismar No. 1, 2, 9 and 10) ?
      Is the cavern pressure holding in this ?

      • and NO results posted!
        And how do they know the cap rock is OK?
        And why do they think the cap rock isn’t in danger?
        The only thing I think they are sure of is the east side is less mushy than than the west side.
        And why didn’t they do a press release about this report coming out? The local papers would have covered it.

      • oh … and do you see between the lines they want to continue mining operations at Lake FUBAR even with all of this going on (Brine mining) …
        no word about the butane.
        Last report (Jan. 10) says they have about 400,000 barrels down there… a little less maybe now.

  1. Just what is Texas Brine Company up to ?
    Is the State about to sign then off on this or has this already happen.

    Wednesday | January 28, 2015
    Public Hearing – Docket No. TBC-15-001
    Docket No. TBC-15-001

    1/28/2015 TBC-15-001 Texas Brine Co, LLC HEARING APPLICATION
    1/28/2015 TBC-15-001 Texas Brine Co, LLC HEARING NOTICE

    Public Oil & Gas Hearings

    You don’t think anyone reading your post anymore, think again in Videos.

    I say that OXY 3 pad is under water now it’s no more just how close is it to OXY 2 now ?

    Louisiana ‘not just’ sinking, but also Slipping Into the Gulf!
    Louisiana loses a football field of land every hour to the ocean 08/28/14.
    To read more about the history and future of Louisiana, and the devastating effects of climate change on the region, be sure to check out The Lens’ and ProPublica’s analysis.

    Seismic Activity Visible Around Bayou Corne Sinkhole- January 16, 2015
    Published on Jan 16, 2015

    Corne Bayou Update, More Land Drops into SinkHole Published on Jan 19, 2015
    That a very old photo of the sinkhole and that pad is breaking up.
    I say that OXY 3 pad is under water now it’s no more just how close is it to OXY 2 now ?

    • I am just catching up on You Tube … posting some more …
      The industry canals are degrading the land and causing lots of erosion.

    • this one is good too (about land loss and oil drilling/BP)

      My opinion so far is they screwed up the coast a lot with the BP disaster. The salt dome collapse is linked to that and/or excessive drilling poking too many holes in too fragile a ground.
      And much of the drilling and well digging is financed by a ponzi scheme that eggs them on –
      Zero Hedge –
      ” . . . the financial structure of the shale play was suicidal from the get-go. You finance the drilling and fracking with high-yield “junk bonds,” that is, money borrowed from “investors.” You drill like mad and you produce a lot of oil, but even at $105-a-barrel you can’t make profit, meaning you can’t really pay back the investors who loaned you all that money, a lot of it obtained via Too Big To Fail bank carry-trades, levered-up on ”margin,” which allowed said investors to pretend they were risking more money than they had. And then all those levered-up investments — i.e. bets — get hedged in a ghostly underworld of unregulated derivatives contracts that pretend to act as insurance against bad bets with funny money, but in reality can never pay out because the money is not there (and never was.) And then come the margin calls. Uh Oh….”

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