Conditions Deteriorate Thursday + New Photos from Fly Over


Around 4 p.m. everything went to pot at Lake FUBAR. LA12 shows it LA12Jan22 – we are back to the fuzz on the graphs.




It looks like this (Jan. 5 graphic):

LA12 is total fuzz by Friday a.m. –


ALSO – Camp Minden  burn plan story is updated. Happy news for once as it looks like everyone contacted their state reps to put a hold on it.

The parish has put up NEW PHOTOS! smile2

[view more pictures by navigation at the bottom]


COMPARE: 2014 Jan. view of Lake FUBAR from the MAP page. Other map from then.

Map showing wells [PDF] OXY Wells map
Freedomrox (2013) – Louisiana Sinkhole: WHO KNEW? EVERYONE! EXCEPT THE VICTIMS! < all about Oxy 3




28 thoughts on “Conditions Deteriorate Thursday + New Photos from Fly Over

  1. They have a recent flyover video. They’d rather show bits and pieces of the area. If they show the entire video, then people will see the big picture of how things have changed. They will show you what they want you to see by showing you the pictures. My best guess is that Texas Brine has started the domino effect, and a large area of surface ground will collapse when enough of the supporting ground and rock can’t hold the surface any longer.

  2. OXY #1 cavern is not Crosstex #1
    Bayou Corne Cavern Collapse Technical Summary
    March 18, 2013
    You can see that line in background of map drawing, i say that line that not a very straight could be a fault line on map.
    You can see the two tank in that map drawing
    OXY 1 is right near the two big evaporation tanks and it right next to sinkhole it’s not Crosstex #1

  3. OXY #1 cavern is far more closer then OXY #2 cavern or OXY #9 cavern to the sinkhole.
    OXY #1 cavern is bigger and deeper them OXY #2 cavern I think it’s bigger and deeper then OXY #3.

    Crosstex # 1 and #2 they are a long way off from the sinkhole.

    OXY #1 cavern has those two big evaporation tanks on corner of OXY #1 cavern
    I think LA17 Well 3, 185m, LA is the recorder for OXY #1 cavern and LA17 Well 3, 284m, LA I don’t think it’s working.

    I think I got this right those earthquake recorders for.
    LA-17 is for OXY #1 cavern
    LA-21 is for OXY #2 cavern
    LA-11 is for OXY #9 cavern

  4. When you next talk to LEAN you should ask them to do their pictures as CC-NC-BY so people can better share them. I didn’t find an updated video but found this which is interesting. Remember the sinkhole that swallowed the corvette? They are working on filling it in. Walter will be interested, I think. Vid link is here.

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