In Other News — as the Sinkhole Implodes

Mother JonesHow a Hard-Charging General Became an Environmental Crusader
Lt. General Russel L. Honoré has declared war on Lousiana’s biggest polluters. Is a gubernatorial run next?

Booms covered up by USGS:


18 thoughts on “In Other News — as the Sinkhole Implodes

  1. It’s hard to believe they have a Video camera with sound on that drone.
    Boone Lake Dam in TN Draining

    The Live Video Camera Drone

  2. All of ND radioactive oil drilling byproducts have not been kept in ND! Where do you think they went? Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas or elsewhere? They don’t need to be dumping in anyone’s landfills. And, more banana lies too: “North Dakota: oil producers aim to cut radioactive waste bills Posted:Wed, 28 Jan 2015 17:06:16 GMT WILLISTON, N.D. (Reuters) – North Dakota’s oil industry is pushing to change the state’s radioactive waste disposal laws as part of a broad effort to conserve cash as oil prices tumble.”

    • and ….. while the nuke dump site WIPP is entirely out of commission (leaky drums are causing contamination inside and degrading the walls and structures underground) … trains with nuke waste are parked all over the country. They are full of fragile drums that rust out extra fast as radiation degrades metal (Wigner effect).

  3. Long but people need to this info with references. Often Curies is used and must be converted. Becquerels is more clear.
    Big Banana Lie
    A becquerel is a radioactive emission per second. Each gram of Cesium 137 emits
    3, 215,000,000,000 radioactive emissions per second, i.e. it has a (radio) activity of 3.2 trillion becquerels per gram. Each gram of Natural potassium emits 30 radioactive emissions per second. It has around 30 Becquerels per gram. That is plain THIRTY. Potassium is necessary for life. It is steady-state in the body. Only 0.012% of natural potassium is radioactive, potassium 40 (K-40). On the other hand, if you become potassium deficient your body may pick up radioactive Cesium 137 in its stead which emits 3.2 trillion becquerels per gram, compared to 30 becquerels per gram for potassium. If you are too potassium deficient you die. So, eating potatoes and bananas and other potassium rich food is necessary for life and may help protect you from radioactive cesium.

    Cesium 137 has 3.2 trillion Bq per gram (3,215,000,000,000) and Natural potassium has 30 Bq per gram. That’s how BIG their lie is. They are following Hitler’s Big lie theory. Their lie is big and it is deadly.

    “The activity of 40K in natural potassium as derived from the recent literature varies between 27.33 to 31.31 Bq g-1 of potassium.”

    Potassium 40: “It makes up 0.012% (120 ppm) of the total amount of potassium found in nature.”

    “One gram of caesium-137 has an activity of 3.215 terabecquerel (TBq).” In case they delete it from wikipedia, it is here:

    According to the Irish government: “Potassium-40, a naturally occurring radionuclide, is present in relatively large activity concentrations in the marine environment. However it is controlled by homeostatic processes in the human body [Eisenbud and Gessell, 1997] and its equilibrium activity concentration in the body is normally independent of the amount consumed. Therefore, while the activity concentrations of this radionuclide in seafood are considerably higher than many other natural radionuclides, its presence does not result in an increased radiological hazard”

    The TENORM are mostly alpha emitters and those more dangerous still if they enter the body.

    • Dana explains these things very well. He has a little boat and going along the British Columbia coast recording the effects of Japan radiation on sea life (he is a commercial diver).

      He has many instructive vids on rad levels and how they are minimized (compared to harmless bananas) by shill scientists.

  4. Thanks. Don’t know how I missed your important comment re trains. I guess I was replying while you were writing about the rusty barrels on trains-Wigner effect. Also had wanted to write more about Dana and it kept logging me out, which may be how I missed it. Any additional intel on their locations? This is super important info that I needed and have been trying to study. The NRC, Holtec, and UK MOD are trying to pull fast ones related to this very topic. There are bunches of deadlines coming up. I cannot keep up. Also, old Royal Navy Man who runs nuclear arm of EPRI Electric Power Research Institute wants people to think that there is no seaside corrosion of waste barrels. Oh and the US taxpayer is to pay 1.9 billion to dump foreign nuclear waste on itself in the 2016 budget! How sick is that? Steal land from the American Indians and turn it into a nuclear waste dump, killing the new inhabitants in the process. More and more credence to the death cult theory. I am increasingly convinced that the US is still the colony and provides the soldiers for the British Empire-London Bankers. Spain played that role for Genoa’s bankers. It is probably in your book which I still must read. I think I finally figured out how to see messages I missed, though they will probably change it again. It has shown repeatedly that there are messages and then I go and see nothing but my own pingbacks between posts! I am happy to see Dana get recognized. I wanted to say more on that the other day but kept getting logged out. Even on this it crashed me. Hope you are well. Time flies when one isn’t having fun.

    • Oh, trains thing is my conclusion + someone probably said it on You Tube (Kevin Blanch maybe) … but there is a terrific back-up witn WIPP out of commish.
      This good channel has the old news about nuke waste –

      I just listened to (long-g-g diatribe on You Tube about how US prisons are host to 5th column of black ops killers pulled out for all sorts of dirty deeds. I tend to believe it!

  5. Oh, they were taking some of the WIPP stuff to bury in Texas. The guy who set that up is dead, but his plan lives on. It’s really disgusting like you said. You can see it being buried on google earth. It’s near New Mexico. But, the railroad idea makes sense. There must be so much of the stuff. I am onto looking for a useable document regarding the Nuclear waste dump south of Santa Cruz island. It is in the LA Times, but I think I have to summarize that to use it. I had found info on the larger dump. I tend to think that the sick sea lions are Fukushima plus. Also the nuclear subs are in the Pacific NW. However, with the Pacific garbage patch maybe it is just swirling Fuku. I feel ill and may have to throw in the towel for now and post something else. I have been looking at the ocean temp maps too. They have seals in the Irish Sea but that water sends the tritium out in about 25 days, I think, to Norway. The eels disappeared from the Irish Sea though in Somerset. North Pacific gyre sends waste in circles. Complex topic and not a good time to be a sea animal. Poor things. The US gov finally spoke re “skinny” sea lions and just said the water is hot! Nuclear power plants can raise water temp by 30 degrees. They are talking 4 degrees. I have been having a good laugh about the UK nuclear sub consult being handled by a PR firm called “instinctif”. I wanted to do a comic post on that. French is no longer “a la mode”, except for British elites. English rules now so the new perfumes are “instinct” or “basic instinct”. I have so many unposted funny things. We may as well laugh. But, looking at the darling “doll” sea lions in trouble isn’t funny.

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