NOVA Program

If you missed the show on PBS featuring the collapsed salt dome at Bayou Corne you can see it on line –
Sinkholes—Buried Alive

New Orleans AdvocateBayou Corne’s collapse among sinkholes examined by NOVA

Business InsiderIndiaWhy Massive Sinkholes Open In The Ground Without Warning – Swallowing Cars, Homes, And Sometimes People

KLFYBayou Corne Sinkhole Update [lie alert!]

“A spokesman for brine says only five of its original 53 vent wells are still picking up gas, the breached cavern is filled with sediment, and that the sinkhole has not grown in ten months.”

Examiner – Deborah Dupre: Louisiana sinkhole sacrifice zone survivors lonely, rattled


5 thoughts on “NOVA Program

  1. My brother told me he was going to get me all the heavy construction equipment i ever wanted for my birthday
    And a sandbox to put it in.

    16 Things That it Took Me Over 50 Years to Learn
    Never lick a steak knife.

  2. Baton Rouge slow-moving landslide to the sea
    Is it moving faster now ?
    This moving slab is approximately 150 miles wide by 200 miles long by 5 miles thick
    Fault scarp

    Louisiana is a very young, very flat, very muddy landscape. It got built out into the Gulf of Mexico thanks to accumulating Mississippi River Sediment. And it only exists in so far as the amount of sediment the river deposits is greater than the amount that gets washed away.

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