Big Oil Slick on Lake FUBAR

Reader, Walter has pointed out all the oil on the surface at Lake FUBAR. It is shown in the Jan. 19 LEAN fly-over photos.




8 thoughts on “Big Oil Slick on Lake FUBAR

  1. Look at it where do you think that oil is coming from.
    No algae can live in that
    algae can store oil
    Taken on January 19, 2015

  2. Wonder if it was cleaned up..and if MORE is coming up! did a wall area fail? And is this oil from the Gulf? Just where is that ‘touted’ DNA fingerprint ruling out the BP oil as a source? They did announce where the oil DID NOT come from..just not what the source oil was from. GEEZ.

    • My idea (no 100% proof) … the BP incident …. maybe done on purpose by crazy evil people … opened fissures in the Gulf that are now seeping salt water up into these inland swamps and degrading caverns and wells.

  3. Wonder where the CLEAN UP vessels are? The booms are doing nothing. Site looks deserted. Where is the EPA? Fumes and contamination of the aquifers ONGOING!

    • Click on picture with the two oil tanks on it, it well get big.
      In that picture of those two old tank if you look in the upper right hand corner there a dead in road in picture that is where OXY -1 cavern ends.
      In that pictures you can see OXY -2 cavern well pad on left hand side almost bottom of picture.

    • This is where the three earthquake recorders are at, starting from left to right almost to bottom left hand corner on pad is LA-11 recorder the middle pad is LA-14 recorder and on far right middle of picture on pad is LA-21 recorder that is where OXY-2 cavern is at.

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