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The AdvocateHonoré: Environmental agencies using 1950s technology to monitor 21st-century industries

Tenn. – Boone Dam “update” (there is a media blockade on the failed dam topic)
Technological Hazard/Engineering Disaster Alert: Boone Dam, Tennessee

ENE-News (2012) – NRC Engineers Charge Gov’t Coverup — Reactor melt down an “absolute certainty” if dam fails — 100s of times more likely than tsunami that hit Fukushima

Texas Brine has responded to the Blue Ribbons’ report by digging in their heels claiming there are no changes at Lake FUBAR. And we’re a bunch of nervous Nellie’s for watching the helicorders. We’re just seeing “routine industrial activity(!).  Additionally they say they have set out new monitors (that we can’t find) around Oxy 3. Comment here if you can find the new helis.


Minden – DEQ Senate Committee Meeting Feb 9, 2015‏

Support our fellow citizens    #StopTheBurn
February 9, 2015 1:00 PM REF: Camp Minden
(In case the venue or time changes call PULS LINE 342-2456 for updates.)

You can contact groups going etc. by checking our earlier post for links.

11 thoughts on “Tues. & Wed. News

  1. I think this is where LA-17 two recorders are at.
    There a lot of grave or sand on that pad and old yellow Oil Spill Containment Booms in corner.
    I can’t see what type of Oil Spill Containment Booms they are.

    O yes I found this on Youtube.
    That Glen Canyon Dam it’s about cavitation in spillways tunnel this happen in June 1983.
    And this 1937 Documentary is somewhat long about The River it was made in 1937 it’s the beginning of TVA.

    Challenge at Glen Canyon (Part 1 of 3)
    Spillway repair at Glen Canyon Dam after the flood of June 1983.

    This a Documentary and the beginning of TVA
    The River 1937

    The TVA SYSTEM Of Multi-Purpose Dams
    Those crosses in picture are dams that have lock in the dam.

    There three Ocoee Dams in East TN this is about Ocoee Dam No. 2.
    The Little Dam That Could.
    In 1912 the East Tennessee Power Company built a couple of modest-sized dams on the rugged Ocoee River.

    • There is a way of repairing swimming pools by injecting cement that works in wet conditions. I wonder if they could call the swimming pool repair man to Boone dam.

      • It very hard to find a leak in a drain pipe you can see where it’s coming out at but trying to find where it coming in at is the hard part.
        Maybe they need a Water Witcher or dowser to find it with dowsing rods
        A water dowser can pick up a lot of thing that underground like a electric cable line or gas or telephone line or cable or septic tank or sewage line a drain pipe or cave or a underground spring or river that underground even a hole underground.
        Or relist some radioactive water dye to trace where the water is coming from about the dam in places.

        homemade-dowsing-rods from coat hangers.

  2. What is that in the water it look like white foam everywhere.
    Taken on January 19, 2015
    View all sizes

    Bottom left hand corner it look like more of that white foam again.
    View all sizes

  3. That Texas Brine has responded to the Blue Ribbons report.
    All that happen 2013 and the first part of 2014 not 2015.
    Those helicorders I should say those new monitors for Oxy 3 that LA-10 surface , LA-10 mid borehole , and LA-10 bottom.

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