Monday Bangs

LA12 shows a big ding at 6 minutes after midnight. But the better monitors from Quake Watch show this at LA12:



Still having intermittent bangs at Lake FUBAR. This big one (seen on the micro-set LA21)  after 3:50 a.m. showed on all helicorders.



Yellowston Updated


24 thoughts on “Monday Bangs

  1. The time on the left hand side is UTC. You said “The hours in PST seem about 5 hours ahead of current time (I posted about 5:45 a.m. CST / 3:45 PST) ….”

    UTC is 8 hours ahead of PST and 6 hours ahead of CST so whilst you have the gap correct at 2 hours between PST and CST what you are actually looking at is 0600 UTC = 0000 CST

    Time and Date Time Zones Map

  2. PS Whatever it was it is showing on LA10 at the bottom of the borehole, and also on LA17 at the bottom of the borehole. Nothing showing on the main earthquake listings. The 4.9 at Baja California is just showing which means this event was certainly local to Bayou Corne.

  3. I think we have a front row seat to the breaking up of this caverns.
    I think we are beginning to see the breaking up of OXY 1 cavern and OXY 2 cavern
    Just how big and just how deep is OXY 1 cavern and OXY 2 cavern and are they holding pressure in cavern now.

    State calls for tests at second salt cavern after tremors Aug. 20, 2014
    I have never seen those test.
    At 5.8 million cubic yards, the nearly 2,450-foot-long Oxy 2 cavern is a quarter bigger, by volume, than the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and 45 percent bigger than Texas Brine’s Oxy 3.

    • Something big is going on. Yer right!
      Recall Texas Brine replied to the Blue Ribbons report by claiming everything has already slid in and not to worry. They said they only expect slight mudslides at Lake FUBAR. Quick links at the end part of The Big Feud page –

      Freedomrocks said locals are seeing more tree-slide-in events and sinkhole expansion.
      DOTD had best be watching those monitors on LA70 for movement around the ground over there! They have a good system with little pegs put in the road every few yards for precise checking.

      Fukushima has been blowing up so much this week maybe it won’t even matter what happens anywhere else 😦

      • Look what happened today?
        Magnitude 6.8 earthquake recorded in Northern Japan, tsunami warning issued.
        Local fishermen in several ports in the area said an around 10 centimeter tsunami struck Iwate Prefecture, according to Japanese broadcaster NHK.
        This story is developing.
        Magnitude 6.9
        Date time 2015-02-16 23:06:28.9 UTC
        Location 40.03 N ; 142.72 E
        Depth 10km
        Flyingcuttlefish, I sent a google Earth image to your email address.

        Preliminary Earthquake Report
        Magnitude 6.8
        16 Feb 2015 23:06:26 UTC
        17 Feb 2015 09:06:26 near epicenter
        16 Feb 2015 18:06:26 standard time in your timezone
        Location 39.848N 142.813E
        Depth 10 km

    • Greetings Ya’ll! I’ve been following this group for more than a year from a corrupt phone that prevented me from commenting on anything. Only over the past 24 hours have I gotten , what I hope works, a s “a reliable Internet provider” through Frontier.
      I’ve literally called & talked to Nanometrics Tech Service, & from what they told me, Texas Brine, does the maintenance on the monitors, at De Hole. Say What!! Did gush out of my mouth upon hearing that.
      I’ve got alot to do here, in regards to getting the bugs out of my Internet conection / my PC, & things related to my work, but, I do have to ask a couple of questions;

      LA12, & LA14 are to the south of the Hole, & since the Hole’s creation, there’s been a lot of seismic activity there, whether through VSP’s (Vertical Spiking), &/or waves that I believe are either “Gas”, “Fluid”, or both…. Could this be the water table working on the salt deposits, &/or, trapped methane gas?

      Is there any TRUTH, to the reports going around about Previously Unknown Faultlines, that are tied to the New Madrid Faultline, being under the Salt Dome?

      That’s it for now, I’ve gotta a lot work to do, & hopefully I’ll be back soon.

      • The spiking could be what you say … I have no idea myself. Do recall they were doing some pumping of water and berm repair down at that soggy SE corner berm. But I figure shakes and quakes after dark are all from Lake FUBAR’s gaping mouth and not from work crews, pumps etc.
        To catch up you can see what others think is going on by looking at the link at the very bottom of the right sidebar.

      • LA-14 is right next to LA-21 that where OXY-2 is at.
        LA-12 is west of LA-14.

        There three LA-10 recorders The LA-10 surface is not working.
        There two LA-17 well recorders.
        I don’t know what happen at 19:55 pm CDT time on the sinkhole recorders it did not show up on the Arkansas recorders or the Morristown, Tennessee recorder.

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