Capitalism Is Killing The Earth And Its People by Finian Cunningham

Relates to big oil and Louisiana . . .

Dandelion Salad

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
East Africa
Crossposted from PressTV
Feb. 1, 2015

No Fracking Signs at Prince Albert Image by Danie van der Merwe via Flickr

‘I see a bad moon rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightning
I see hard times today’
— John Fogerty, Bad Moon Rising (1969)

John Fogerty’s classic rock song ‘Bad Moon Rising’, from the 1960s, could be the foreboding soundtrack for what is rumbling in America’s Midwest today.

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20 thoughts on “Capitalism Is Killing The Earth And Its People by Finian Cunningham

  1. How man rape the land and the prize they pay-ed.

    The River 1937
    This a Documentary and is the beginning of TVA
    Why the Dams in Tennessee why just this river in Tennessee.
    Shows the importance of the Mississippi River to the United States, and how farming and timber practices had caused topsoil to be swept down the river and into the Gulf of Mexico in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    The Plow That Broke The Plains – 1937 Documentary
    A very good Documentary on how man rape the land.
    An overview of farming practices in America’s Great Plains, from early farming activities, the expansion of crop activities due to soaring wheat prices, and the environmental disaster that occurred during the 1930’s due to farming activities which left the area a barren dustbowl. .

    The beginning of TVA
    Valley of the Tennessee, 1944

    Has anyone gotten some of this from the bank those dollars coins.
    On the back of the Eisenhower dollar (1971–1978) and the Susan B. Anthony dollar (1979–1981; 1999) is a Eagle clutching olive branch landing on the Moon, based on the Apollo 11 landing.
    The Eagle Has Landed, The Flight of Apollo 11, 1969 the first moon landing.

    I have already posted this on this web site
    What this has to do with the sinkhole in LA. You need to read what it has to say then you well know.
    Geologist Says Feds Made “Incredible Error” Ignoring Huge N.Y. Salt Cavern Roof Collapse – See more at:

    • about the plains …. all of the progress put in during the new deal about soil conservation (trees as wind breaks etc.) have all been undone since Reagan admin.
      The soil loss is huge now and I am surprised there hasn’t been another dust bowl.

  2. Can land rebound and would there be a lot of earthquakes
    A photo of Land subsidence in California

    What about Oklahoma and the Ogallala Aquifer water table.
    Are they pumping this aquifer dry.
    America’s breadbasket the Ogallala Aquifer.
    Once depleted, the aquifer will take over 6,000 years to replenish naturally through rainfall.

    The Bread Basket of America is going to run out of water soon.
    Ogallala Aquifer is drying up, putting billions of people at risk billions could starve.

  3. 6.9 EQUAKE Mid-Atlantic Ridge…ringings the bells and chimes of the helicorders..LA10..LA12…ring ring bing bong. Keep eyes on the recordings..should be interesting. Especially if few more oil blobs come up!

  4. Yes your right Keith C. Mandeville
    I took time to look at all the shaking going on the sinkhole recorders at CST time at 13:08 pm or UTC time at 19:08 pm date Feb 13, 2015.
    It’s was on the Arkansas recorder at CST time at 13:07 pm or UTC time at 19:07.
    And the Morristown TN recorder at EST time at 14:06 pm or UTC time at 19:06.
    That had to come from the Atlantic ocean or Greenland or Iceland.

    That earthquake sits on Charlie – Gibbs Fracture Zone.

  5. On the one hand we have the psychopathic elite who want to kill everyone and on the other side we have the idiots who have no clue was is going on with planet earth.

  6. Bad Moon Rising is one of the first songs I ever learned to play on guitar. It is so easy, only three chords. Friends would say you really like that one. I would respond, this is not a song, it is prophecy! 🙂

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