What Happened at 1 P.M. Today????

Something did this (LA12)


Huge banging Saturday


12 thoughts on “What Happened at 1 P.M. Today????

  1. Bayou Corne Sink Hole on Verge of Collapse.
    Published on Jan 22, 2015
    This shows when all those trees went down into the sinkhole and where that video was taken at, it was right on the very corner where Oxy-1 cavern begins.
    It has 3D picture of Oxy-3 caverns and Oxy-1 , 2 and 3 caverns and Crosstex #2 and #1 caverns.
    It shows the depth of those caverns a horizontally and vertical image of those caverns.

      • On that Video
        I got those OXY-1 , OXY-2 , OXY-9 and OXY-10 wrong.
        LA-11 recorder is for OXY-10 and LA-14 is for OXY-9 and LA-21 is for OXY-2.
        OXY-3 is the three LA-10s recorders.
        On that 3D image I do not see OXY-10 on that image.

  2. Those readings were pretty much scattered throughout the monitors at rthe sinkhole, & even at the temporary monitors, also listed at the CERI Site. The Bayou Corne monitors had strong & consistent Vertical Spiking, scattered throughout the B.C. system, whereas, the temporary monitors had several Vertical Spikes.Throughout both systems, there is DEFINITE transmission of something, whether it be gas, or liquid.
    Whatever it is, it’s ongoing even this morning, with the same pattern. Could it be some kind of system failure? Or is the New Madrid Waking Up, along with the Sinkhole?

    • These big spikes (bangs) are different from the ‘fuzz’ seen recently. I guess caverns are caving in below. No one will confess it though.

  3. When East Tennessee has very cool weather when it warm back up we have rock sides in East Tennessee.
    Polk County Tennessee Rockslide Nearly Kills Road Crew

    Man drives into a rockslide in East Tennessee interstate road I-40.

  4. Just what is going on for LA-21 recorder if I am right this is the recorder for OXY-2 cavern.
    Is OXY-2 starting to break apart or is it OXY-1 ?

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