Deterioration on Monday


oxy_helis_Map   COLDheron1


UPDATE: After 5 P.M. – HUGE ACTIVITY – LA12 shows it





Strange SoundsDaily Frackquakes In Oklahoma And Kansas Up The Risk Of Big Dangerous Quakes

Tiny quakes linked to fracking raise risks of a larger one!
Small earthquakes shaking Oklahoma and southern Kansas daily are dramatically increasing the chance of bigger and dangerous quakes.

25 thoughts on “Deterioration on Monday

  1. A wintry mix of sleet, freezing rain and ice on roads
    Snow, ice in Memphis.
    Snow, ice in Nashville Tennessee
    And all this is headed to where I live in East Tennessee.

    We in East Tennessee are getting ice for now and freezing rain i don’t know when it’s going to turn to snow.
    Their telling people not to get on road in it.

    The weight of ice on a power lines

    • Also the cold snap is causing some RR tracks to break. This week in NY area (LIRR) and today somewhere else and it may have been a factor (my opinion) in this big oil spill/fire RR accident.

      • Past derailment and this derailment might be an indication that the land is shifting.  Just like that guy said in the video about the booms in that whole area of the country.
        CSX train hauling North Dakota oil derails, cars ablaze in West Virginia.
        BECKLEY, W.Va. (Reuters) – A CSX Corp train hauling North Dakota crude derailed in West Virginia on Monday, setting a number of cars ablaze, destroying a house and forcing the evacuation of two towns in the second significant oil-train incident in three days.

        One or two of the cars plunged into the Kanawha River, said Robert Jelacic of the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

      • I think it may turn out to be cold weather making rails and things extra brittle ….LIRR had broken rails due to sudden temp. plunge.

      • Oil train explodes in West Virginia.
        The cause of the derailment is under investigation. But CSX said all of the oil cars were newer CPC 1232 models—not older model tank cars criticized for being prone to puncture.

      • cave in?
        They must have a scanner or something to show what is going on…..
        Wish they would speak up!

      • Ever heard of a “slow quake?” Could this be what we’re seeing on the sinkhole helecorders? Is this what Mary Greeley sees on the Yellowstone helecorders? A Japanese university student noticed a slow quake one month before the M9 earthquake in Japan. This video shows slow quake areas of interest on the US side of the Pacific Ocean at about 25:40 into the video. A slow quake variation concerning the Seatle area is discussed. Seems slow quake variations may indicate a pressure release that trigers a Mega quake. Just trying to find a relarionship that explains the sinkhole helecorders’ wild activity. These waves could be slow quakes due to the high frequency waves when zoomed.
        JAPAN’S MEGA EARTHQUAKE – Discovery/History/Scien…:

      • If something happens all we will know at this end is the helicorders will all go blank. I am sure they will cover it up and kick out the press if they bother to inquire.
        I feel anxious to all the uncompensated residents a foot away from the evacuation zone.

  2. I don’t think this big activity after 6 p.m. CST is related to big quakes and aftershocks in Japan.
    In CST time the first one, 6.7M was at 5 p.m. CST. And the
    other one, 6.2M, was at 4 p.m.

    It seems unlikely the quake impact would take an hour or more to reach the Gulf.


    UTC (Time Zone) Monday, February 16, 2015 at 11:00:00 PM UTC
    New Orleans (U.S.A. – Louisiana) Monday, February 16, 2015 at 5:00:00 PM CST UTC-6 hours

  3. If not the japan idea..but one DA is going CRAZY..running around hiding under beds, trying to get our attention. He stands..listens..constantly. Started last night….other are restless..but he is wild. I think he can hear the sounds. Since his unrest started a short time(two hours) before the 7.0 hit. Its curious. And if not the Japan quake..what is he hearing..?

  4. Sinkhole news
    Texas Brine, the Houston based company went to stop those evacuation checks.

    Texas Brine wants to stop paying Bayou Corne residents.
    Feb 16, 2015

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