Everything is Fine at Bayou Corne! Come On Back, Y’All!

LA17-01 today   smile1 smile1 smile1



11 thoughts on “Everything is Fine at Bayou Corne! Come On Back, Y’All!

  1. That 24 hours seismic recording you show there as LA17 YC 01 on 02/19/2015.

    Those seismic recording for LA17 YC 01 at the sinkhole and it does not look like any and one of those recording for the sinkhole.
    Just where and what date was that 24 hour recording taken.

    LA17 EHZ YC 01 : Bayou Corne Well 3, 284m, LA
    This here are ever 12 hours.
    The date here for LA17 YC 01 is from 02/14/2015 to 02/19/2015.

    • I put the quake watch chart up because the Memphis charts CUT OFF the big spikes to minimize them. The art links to the chart (date is sideways to the right on it).

  2. And Texas Brine SAYS sinkhole is ‘stable’ for a year? Only thing that has NOT changed is the reporting requirement that Texas Brine has failed to do! They will try to point out the ‘reports’ show stability I am sure..what reports and what flyovers? They can not recreate and massage the informatnion. This is one reason to do reporting..to show the daily situation. A baseline, a comparison and a way to show whats occurring…

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