Thurs. News, Boone Dam Snow Melt Fears < UPDATED

See next post for link to map of Lake FUBAR and helicorder link.  Everything still on active mode there.
DOWNarrowSM LA14 showed a big 2 hour long disruption just after 1 a.m. and another 2 hour long session just after 3 a.m..

This comment at Zero Hedge says they wonder what will happen to Boone Dam when all this snow melt comes down the river.

“TVA drew Boone down to below winter pool levels to take some pressure off of the sinkhole/mud geysers, so it only has to hold back something like a 145 ft. wall of water. Which is fine – until the snow pack in the mountains melts in a couple of weeks. Then you have those two rivers with fifteen miles of water in them filling up REALLY fast. The river below the Boone dam will be swollen, too. I don’t think they can just open the floodgates on Boone all the way. So Boone fills up, water migration that caused the sinkholes/mud geysers gets worse, and all of a sudden you have Boone tsunami.” . . . (more)

ENE-News – Officials ‘Alarmed’ at Press Conference on Dam with Nuclear Plants frowny2 Downstream: ‘Movement’ in foundation 100s of feet underground; Rock dissolving — “Sinkhole is indication of bigger problem” — “Urgency of issue is obvious” — Examining “every possible type of failure” (VIDEO)


NOTE: Future Boone Dam updates will go here.


35 thoughts on “Thurs. News, Boone Dam Snow Melt Fears < UPDATED

      • my opinion is they made a big weather modification out west off California to keep radiation from Fukushima away from their precious navy weapons and military gear (not the people!) and that changed the jet stream and everybody is freezing. Or having a west coast drought. OR – it is weapon weather war going on.

      • Yea Flyingcuttlefish, the Wigner Effect will make metals more brittle and fall apart and is caused by exposure to radiation. Nuclear bomb testing, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, WIPP, and possibly a recent nuclear reactor in the Ukraine have spread a large amount of lethal radiation into the atmospere. The rain and snow will bring this radiation to the ground. Snow is the better transportation means to clean the lower atmosphere of radiation due to multisided flakes. I learned about the Wigner Effect from Radchick and Leuren Moret. Flying vehicle mishaps and disasters have been covered up to look like a common cause. Windows on airplanes popping off and the rear tail rotor of helicopters are the two mishals I hear the most.

      • Keith C. Mandeville
        I grow up in Site X rename Clinton Engineer Works after that Oak Ridge TN a Secret City.
        Secret Cities of the Atomic Bomb-Documentary-Part.1

        Secret Cities of the Atomic Bomb-Documentary-Part.2

        Secret Cities of the Atomic Bomb-Documentary-Part.3

  1. This could be news related to area earthquakes. I don’t buy their excuse! People do live in the area and can verify that the booms came from demolition. I’ll see if Dutchsinse has a video on the Dallas booms later.
    Bombs or birdshot? Mysterious booms fill the skies over central North Texas.
    By evening, police dispatchers who kept hearing about the booms were honing in on a more likely suspect: heavy demolition at a National Semiconductor plant in north Arlington.
    Although that seemed a logical answer,…

  2. Not sure what is going on with earthquake maps this morning. Found this on ANF,
    2/27/15 (058) 14:00:33 UTC
    6.2 mb
    ( 43.8317, -111.3499 )
    15 km
    teleMb ( Automatic )
    evid { orid }
    [ nass ]
    1529839 { 1753152 } [ 39 ]
    This is not on any other map. When I pulled USGS there was a 6.0 in Puerto Rica and a 7.0 in Indonesia. When I went back to the map a few minutes later the Puerto Rica quake was gone and was not shown on other maps. USGS showed only the one quake for Indonesia where RSOE showed several large 6. plus quakes for the area along with a few smaller ones. Also Irving, Texas had another 3.1.

  3. To Harriette-there is a lot of seismic irregularities showing up on a lot of the helicorders for Temporary AR as well as at the Sinkhole right around 14:00 UTC. Seems to lend some weight to that SE Idaho quake that became a phantom. Wow, whoever it is that’s taking it off the records must be doing it so as not to “panic the masses”. It’s good others are watching. But now what? Maybe this will give more eyes more constantly watching… Still unbelievable that fracking is allowed to be happening so close to Yellowstone. Sorry Fcf, about putting this on here. I didn’t see any comments in the Yellowstone page to reply to about this.

  4. A new ENEnews article cites a Johnson City Press article stating that the sinkhole was filled with grout back in October. The dams supporting foundation is made up of water-soluble limestone, dolomite and gypsum. TVA Vice President of Safety, River Management and Environment John McCormick says:
    ”In the next few months, we’re going to begin the process of prepping for long-term repair, which is going to be injecting grout into these voids that are caused by sinkholes and the movement in the karst,” McCormick said. “We’ll be drilling down through the earthen dam into the karst area. This process is a long process; it’s not a process that is something we can do overnight.”

    If the Boone Lake dam sits on a water-soluble rock foundation, then it’s highly likely that their troubles will not subside. The nuclear reactors down stream are sitting ducks waiting for a meltdown.

      • The Johnson City article referenced above also states that the Boone Lake level was reduced 10-12 feet to stop the seepage from the earthened portion of the Boone Lake dam. So the Spring snow & ice melt could present another problem.

      • rrrrgggg!
        ENE has a ton of links in their new article … it looks like they ‘hid’ a lot of info from the news until they had to fess up because it is so dire….

  5. 2008 TVA Coal Ash spill did the ash from spill settle out in Watts Bar lake ?

    The Emory and the Clinch rivers go into the Tennessee river
    What upriver from Clinch river it’s Oak Ridge TN.
    Down river from spill is Watts Bar lake where Watts Bar Nuclear Plant is at.

    TVA Coal Ash Sampling Trip

    NBC News 12/26/08: Tennessee TVA Coal Ash Disaster

    Kingston Fossil Plant coal fly ash slurry spill

  6. This is to Energy News about Boone Dan and TVA dam map
    A lot of people don’t know this but the Tennessee river does something that don’t seem right the Tennessee river goes north from Alabama and Mississippi it goes north all the way into Kentucky and flows into the Ohio river.
    Yes Boone Dam is on map.


    TVA System of Multi-Purpose Dams

    Norris Dam for kids.

    Look just how high Fontana Dam is.
    How high is Boone Dam it 160 feet high and it stretches 1,697 feet across the south Fork Holston River.

    • The big concern is over the effect of a dam burst on downstream nuke plants which would be in great danger (of loosing cooling) .

    • This is Fontana Dam Spillway Water Release July 5, 2013
      This is when they have to spill water from dam they got too much water

      Watts Bar Spilling
      That where they have Watts Bar Nuclear Plant at
      This is at watts bar dam when there spilling water

      The Price of Progress, Jason Ringenberg, A Man’s Story About The TVA

      Movie Wild River (film)
      The Tennessee Valley Authority vs. the Family That Just Wouldn’t Leave there land
      The Randolphs’ case was the partial inspiration for the 1960 Elia Kazan–directed film Wild River, starring Montgomery Clift as a TVA agent who must persuade a matriarch to leave her land.

      • yes, but those dams are intact … Boone dam is failing at the base of the dam and they are throwing spit wads at it.
        A great danger to millions from nuke plants without-a-plan.

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