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The WatchersUSGS: Reawakened Oklahoma faults could produce larger future events

They tread lightly to avoid frack-quake being mentioned: ” . . . . Several recent studies have linked Oklahoma earthquakes with the injection of wastewater from enhanced oil and gas exploration. The purpose of this new study is to inform engineers, the insurance industry and government agencies about the increased earthquake risk in the state, and not to link earthquakes in Oklahoma to oil and gas extraction. [why not??]

These findings will be used to develop a new earthquake-hazard map for Oklahoma that the USGS is planning to issue later this year, which will mark the first time the state’s earthquake hazard maps will include suspected human-induced [ sounds like frack quake to us! ]  earthquakes.”

Wonder what faults are reawakened in Louisiana…

4 thoughts on “Wed. News

  1. Last night on Mar. 12, 2015 at 15:36 pm CDT time that 20:36 UTC time there was movement on the Arkansas recorder.

    Mar. 12, 2015
    On the LA -12 recorder on Mar. 12, 2015 it showed movement at 15:49 pm CDT time that 20:49 UTC time.

    That show just how far off the sinkhole recorders they are.
    There time clocks are all wrong.

    All the recorders for the sinkhole.

    • That is important news …. just like missing time on helis.
      I am not doing daily posts since the conditions have been volatile for days.

  2. Mysterious booms continue to shake houses in west Port Angeles, Joyce while defying explanation.
    “It sounded like it came from the direction of the Strait [of Juan de Fuca],” said Jim Haugen, who lives on Milwaukee Drive in west Port Angeles near the bluffs and reported the Wednesday boom.

    About a month ago I posted a Stan Deyo audio link in which he states that a M9.0 earthquake is in the future for the Juan de Fuca fault.  He also claimed there would be more earthquakes in Arkansas closer to the New Madrid fault.  I see this increase and location movement closer to the New Madrid fault complex occurring on the CERI mid-US earthquake map.

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