Weekend News

The Louisiana Record Special master in Bayou Corne sinkhole case has deep connections to plaintiff’s attorney, possible conflicts of interest

Lexington Says Texas Brine Isn’t Covered For La. Sinkhole

Law360, New York (March 17, 2015, 2:33 PM ET) — Lexington Insurance Co. isn’t required to defend Texas Brine Co. LLC against class allegations that the company created a potentially dangerous sinkhole, because Lexington’s policies expired more than 15 years before the ground collapsed in 2012, the insurer told a Louisiana federal court Monday.

Leaky Boone Dam Update – they will try grout in the spring – PDF doc. Movie of them working on it.

Jumping Jack Flash has many alarming stories when view together.

SUNDAY at Lake FUBAR – something went bang after 12:36 p.m. – it shows on LA21 and on all helicorders.


14 thoughts on “Weekend News

  1. I did a search 2015 Napoleonville salt dome
    This is not just talking about Napoleonville Salt Dome but far more salt caverns.

    Reports of Salt Cavern Problems
    Bayou Corne

    I can fine a date for this Company
    Are they going to be drilling for oil at the Napoleonville Salt Dome ?
    Grand Gulf Energy Ltd
    The company’s portfolio of active projects includes the Napoleonville Salt Dome project in Louisiana

  2. Just why was Walt Disney the Song of the South too racist to screen?
    James Baskett as Uncle Remus I don’t think he like the part he played.
    Song Of The South Behind The Scenes

    Movie biographies index

    This is what I found out.
    Joel Chandler Harris (December 9, 1848 – July 3, 1908) was an American journalist, fiction writer, and folklorist best known for his collection of Uncle Remus stories.

    Uncle Remus

  3. I did some research on the movie Walt Disney the Song of the South and why it was so racist.
    And it landed in you junk mail.

    • My internet was out since midnight … they are doing tech work at that place. It just came back on ….

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