Gulf Current Gets Yips + News + Methane Gas Global Emergency

Study: The Gulf Stream system may already be weakening. That’s not good.

“. . .  They conclude the system has weakened to its lowest level in 1,100 years, perhaps due to an influx of freshwater from Greenland’s melting ice sheet.< Don’t look at Corexit! Don’t look at Corexit! Perhaps due to an influx of Corexit!

global warming may already be slowing down the Gulf Stream system ” — how about BP may already be slowing down the Gulf Stream system!

New York TimesGov. Jindal’s Implosion

Jindal has made a mess of Louisiana and wrecked his reputation in the process. His odds of becoming president of the United States have shrunk to nil.”


OK and S. Kansas having a frack-quake swarm. RSOE screen shot –



(3-26) – 2.9 quake in N. IllinoisMAP

Keeping up with methane news –

Arctic Methane Emergency: Methane released by the Gigaton! (billions of tons)


Wednesday morning – booms off the chart at Lake FUBAR


12 thoughts on “Gulf Current Gets Yips + News + Methane Gas Global Emergency

  1. This methane news is all too one sided dome and gloom global warming theory scientists there saying send money to them and they well fix it.
    Obama’s Alarmist “Climate” Report Debunked by Scientists

    The sun is coming up in the wrong place right now the seas and land are getting warming around the world.

    Slowing down of the Gulf Stream system did that mark the beginning of the little ice ages ?
    Vikings before the little ice age

    Is this beginning of a EL Nino in California
    The species was first discovered in 1859 during a mass-stranding event in Monterey.
    Pelagic red crabs are an attractive food to species that include migratory fishes, tuna, giant squid, turtles, pinnipeds, seabirds, and whales.

    • “sometimes the lowest-set helicorders can show the most dramatic events–”~That’s because you can see more of the highth of the wave on smaller mv/division helicorder settings. If the scale was set for 20,000mv/division, the smaller mv peaks would barely register, if at all.
      Just say the wave peak on the graph you commented on is 66mv. Then on this 66mv/division(66mv for 1 division) graph the wave would be 1 division high. Whereas, if you tried to plot the 66mv peak on a 660mv/division graph, then the peak would only reach 1/10th of one division.

    • Look at LA-10 bottom borehole for Mar. 26, 2015 it set at -3931 and lower
      Then look at LA-10 bottom borehole for Mar. 27, 2015 it set at -3931 and lower
      That LA-10 bottom borehole recorder is showing a lot of movement today.

    • The ‘solid fuzz’ began at 9 p.m. last night …. continues still without a break.

      Usually they only work during daylight there. They could have a pump working or something next to the monitor …. but I call solid fuzz a collapse down below.

  2. Amazingly there are fools all over the net that will try to tell you nothing is melting down and nothing is going on.

    • even with weather modifying etc. – fossil fuels have started an unstoppable tundra smolder up there. And big countries just want to rush in for e-z oil access …
      Any mention of conservation, sustainability or ending wasteful “consumer culture” is met with wails and chest pounding!

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