7.5 Quake in the South Seas Shakes Up Lake FUBAR

This quake happened at 6:48 CST Sunday evening.

Major M7.5 earthquake hits New Britain region generating small tsunami, Papua New Guinea


LA10-03 sloshed for over an hour and a half(!) because of it. All of the helicorders show a big reaction.

Yellowston Updated



6 thoughts on “7.5 Quake in the South Seas Shakes Up Lake FUBAR

  1. LA12 isnt happy either. If LA12 was a heart patient..it would be in coronary arrest!! The shoshing looks like tsumani waves after the quake..with a heart beat!

  2. This sloshing is an example of unbelievably weird things on your blog which seem to be scientifically proven: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/weird-long-distance-earthquake-impacts-seismic-seiche-sloshing/ It’s really why I couldn’t do a real post on April 1st because reality is more weird than anything which could be made up. The 1964 Alaska Quake impacted the US Gulf Coast with sloshing. When you first said that the US was dumping nuclear waste into trenches I thought it was history instead of the fact that they are still doing it! But, it’s so far-fetched that the US govt. allows burial of nuclear waste who can believe it? But, it’s true and it is the scariest thing. Declaring it non-radioactive and putting it in landfill is even more scary.

    • and all over the the Gulf coast are old plugged wells with all manor or toxic goo stuffed in them. Some have radioactive dirt and fracking waste etc. and there is no inventory (my opinion) of where it all is.

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