Monitor Loopy Thursday Morning + 4.0 MO Quake Thurs. Night

After 6 a.m. –


RELATED? –  4.0 quake in S.E. Missouri at 10:51 p.m. CST  New_MAD


Mining Awareness (Feb.) – Weird Long Distance Earthquake Impacts – Seismic Seiche (Sloshing)

FRIDAY P.M. UPDATE – we give up!  < UPDATE to UPDATE – “Woopsie!” at 11:34 p.m..


6 thoughts on “Monitor Loopy Thursday Morning + 4.0 MO Quake Thurs. Night

  1. Was Sen. Menendez framed by BP? I glanced through his voting record and it seems like he wants environmental standards and accountability. He was framed in the past. Someone paid a prostitute to frame him. That’s the problem that the bad people can accuse the good people of doing what they themselves are doing. So, it’s always a tough call. Like Pres. Aristide tried to stop the drug dealers so the drug dealers accused Aristide of drug running. Aristide was a poor priest by choice so that’s where common sense comes in. He was sent all over the world to be educated by the Church to get rid of him and might have stayed away from Haiti. He speaks about 5 languages or more – probably more because he learned a few in South Africa.

  2. Response to April 2nd “Apropos”: You have a good heart Cuttlefish. Sometimes I forget what a good heart you have. I think it has everything to do with everything. Most east of the Mississippi were forced to buy their land and there were foreclosures already 200 years ago, including of American Indians where it wasn’t just stolen. I think it goes back even further. North America seems to have been nothing but a land bubble scam. If you read the history of Lake Megantic it becomes clear that they ran the Scots off the land to help get people to the Americas (guess there weren’t enough rebels) and then some got screwed out of the land they bought in Canada. Not sure if anyone has written the entire history or not. Maybe Zinn’s People’s History of the US? The travel conditions from Europe to the US were worse than today for the average person. No one in their right minds would go unless forced or tricked. There was a women’s prison revolt in France (Maison Alfort) because they didn’t want to be sent to Louisiana. The elite travel must have been good for some of them traveled back and forth frequently between the UK and US. 100s of years ago. The Irish used to go fish in Canada in the summer 1,000 years ago. Didn’t the Scottish elites lose their money in a land scam and sell Scotland to England in exchange for money to pay their debts? It was some sort of scam.

    • yeah, on Scotland land scam. Everyone who knows golf knows the story of that. Golf invented by leisure class with 100s of acres of stolen Scot’s pastures and lots of leisure time to play on it. Sand bunkers come from the little sand hollows sheep dig to sleep in on that wild grassy land.
      I think the industrialists/railroad men made tracks to nowhere and filled up the tracksides with towns they built and populated with white Europeans so they could rake in the dough delivering food and goods to nowherevilles. And to get more people to fell Europe they would just press on their necks over there.
      Same deal today.

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