Saturday Mayhem

LA12 show it


Quakewatch shows a more detailed view –




16 thoughts on “Saturday Mayhem

  1. Definitely something happening there! The traces are certainly local to the seismo so are probably something in or close by the cavern/dome, or bank collapse in the lake in my opinion.

  2. I went to a coin show in Tennessee they had 2015 Proof Sets for sell at that coin show.
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  3. Not to worry.its just the Easter Bunny hiding eggs…well its as good an excuse as any of Texas Brine’s or the LA officials. In fact, likely more believeable!

  4. And just why did Grandfather Mountain NC get added to the helicorder list near LA10 bore hole? Now it is showing small tremours..but kinda far from LA SinkHole..or has the geology changed that fast???

  5. Sunday LA 18, west bank containment levee..shows a large event (for helicorder) at about 6:30 AM. And then the daily noise starts up after 8 PM. Imagine, since no one works Sunday/Easter, of what must be many people, driving to church to make all these quakes in daylight hours. Guess the Easter bunny jumped up and down at 6:30 as well…must be one big bunny..! Just Saying..

  6. Just how far away is Containment Levee West Bank, Belle Rose, Louisiana Helicorder from Bayou Corne, Louisiana ?

  7. And lately it seems to go into a different mode around 6 a.m. … maybe it is warmer temps with sun up or they are operating some machinery, brining equip. or pumps and such in a lame attempt to grind more money out of that pit. (Looking at LA12).

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