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Wednesday after midnight:

. . . it gets worse


Quake Watch chart has more detail:


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27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells in Gulf of Mexico ignored by government, industry

More than 27,000 abandoned oil and gas wells lurk in the hard rock beneath the Gulf of Mexico, an environmental minefield that has been ignored for decades. No one — not industry, not government — is checking to see if they are leaking, an Associated Press investigation shows.

Abandoned wells map around Bayou Corne

Yellowston Updated  Also out west …. Methane Hotspot Dangerous, Mysterious in Four Corners Investigating by Scientists

” . . . Scientists believe that the possible sources could come from from oil and gas related activities such as coal mining and fracking where natural gas can seep from the ground. . . “


31 thoughts on “Out of Ideas

  1. I think what we are seeing with those Helicorders around the sinkhole is only the beginning I think the entire Napoleonville Salt Dome shell you could say outer skin is breaking apart there no way to stopping it.
    I think this salt dome outer shell is collapsing the top of that salt dome is 1-mile by 3-mile in sizes.
    The outer edge or shell on one side of that Napoleonville Salt Dome is already gone.
    Geologist Dr. Gary Hecox breaks news to Bayou Corne sinkhole disaster area locals that Napoleonville Salt Dome outer edge has collapsed, ‘fracked out” (Oct. 23) 2012.

  2. With all the unusual seismic happenings in the last few days showing on LA12, it’s interesting that there have been no updates on the APPJ blog since mid January. They used to be so diligent in their updates and the data on the helicorders is so different than anything seen before for such an extended period of time that it does appear alarming. Anybody down there reading this blog who knows what’s happening that’d be interested in sharing their thoughts?

    • I have a feeling because they made those legal settlements Texas Brine thinks they don’t have to give updates. Same for APPJ.
      I wish someone would walk over there and take some pictures.

      • I believe you are right. Since the residents have been paid off, there’s no one to be railing in anger anymore.

      • And it doesn’t appear to be earthquakes from near or far as many of the squigglies are dissimilar from earthquake squiggles…

      • It looks like Texas Brine, & Big Brother are truly wearing down the people. Finding “boots on th’ground” has been hard, unless of course you want to rely upon Jo Celle.
        This activity has been ongoing since De. 24-2014, & it’s getting worse. All of the data on what’s going on there is coming from people who use I-70, or live on the outskirts of Bayou Corne. They’re telling me that a Code 3 has been in place since January, 2015

      • The state emergency info webpage took down the widget that gave Oxy 3 status live. I think some residents have some info on facebook.
        I worry about the people just past the ‘exclusion zone’ who can be in danger if the cap rock goes. 1 x 2 miles in size.

  3. Can we connect this to JADE HELM 15, CERN,
    Yellowstone quakes, eathquakes everywhere and HAARP type systems ? ?

    • If you see anything along that theme feel free to post a link in a comment here to share.
      I know BPEarthwatch (on You Tube) has some things on CERN.

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